Finally Some Rain

The I-75 corridor, from south of Atlanta up through northern Ohio, has been drenched in daily storms – a constant barrage of dreary showers lasting these past 412 days (if my mother-in-law is to be believed πŸ˜‰ ). The long line of storms has repeatedly dried up somewhere in mid-Michigan, leaving us Up North with crispy lawns – and yes, lots of beachy weather. We have been requesting the weather gnomes to drop some of that unwanted precipitation up here, and much to our well’s delight, they finally caved.

In the Clinch Marina area in Traverse City a couple of nights ago, following the day’s soaking rains

Learning to fly?

Already the grass is less brown and more supple. Next thing you know it’ll be growing again, and we’ll have to break out the mower.

Both ends of a broken rainbow, after some more storms passed through last evening

In the meantime, we’re enjoying the fresh air. It’s quite windy out, so we’re postponing kayaking until tomorrow, but there are still long walks on quiet country roads to enjoy.

I think something’s eating my sand cherry shrub

What do you do to get outside in between spells of rain?


12 thoughts on “Finally Some Rain

  1. It is rare for us to get rain during the summer months, but to get outside I make frequent tours of the yard. Unless it’s just too hot to be out in the sun. Then I sit on the front deck and pretend that’s exercise. Lovely pictures, as always.

    • We get less than two inches a month on average in the summer, and I’m usually happy when it falls because it wets the sand on our road, making walking easier.
      Your yard with all its flowers must make a nice place for summer tours…if you can stop exercising on your paradise porch πŸ˜‰

  2. So MUCH rain! We are going to have to intentionally empty some water out of the pool – for the 2nd time! The water is above the skimmer again. But – your pics are gorgeous!

  3. Lately, as we wait and wait and wait and wait for rain, I’ve been doing rain dances. Most effectively, I’d say, because we got dumped on yesterday.

  4. Rain can brighten a brittle dry world so much. Just what Dawn says–when it quits raining the only choice is to weed! Luckily, I had a helper in the onion patch this week. (Heather, you have no idea how Kiah is keeping me hopping. We did a river walk the other day and I STILL ache!)

    • I only have my two small raised beds, and I pick at them frequently as I enjoy the patio. The rest of the beds get walk-by weeding. I am simply not motivated enough to endure the black flies that attack – especially after a rain – to weed πŸ˜‰
      Your river walk looked gorgeous! I was thinking I’d have to put it on the next UP trip to-do list πŸ™‚

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