Gifts of Summer

The weather gurus have issued another heat advisory today, for more days in a row than I care to count. When we moved from the north Georgia mountains 1,000 miles north, I thought I’d miss the scorching heat of the summer. I do not. It offends me. It is not supposed to be this uncomfortable here. Not in this way. The weather can be unwelcoming in the winter; not now. If only my wishes had some impact on reality…

There is hope, for although it’s hot (hovering around 90 before the sun’s really high overhead), it is windy: 20MPH constantly with gusts around 30MPH. And breezes like that often come with a cold front in tow. We’ll be at least fifteen degrees cooler tomorrow, and perhaps we will do something besides splash in the lake before retreating to the comfort of conditioned air.

We have no plans, but that has never stopped us. What’s in store for you this weekend?

Enjoy these gifts of summer. You can enlarge the landscape-oriented ones if you like.

Summer clouds. Sure, there’s a science-y name for them, but it should be “summer clouds,” because that’s what they are. They followed me around the yard yesterday while I sweated mowed – never shading, just mocking.
summer clouds

An astonishing crop of cherries hang from the branches. Some of the trees are so heavy with them I wonder if they’ll sustain damage from the weight.
glorious cherries

glorious cherries-2

glorious cherries-3

Thistle, a mid-summer wildflower. Lovely in a thicket.


Or overlooking a pasture.

Golden light paints arching fence.
golden fencerow


8 thoughts on “Gifts of Summer

  1. It seems to me that Mother Nature is having permanent PMS. We too are having much-too-hot-for-my-liking weather and ours is to continue for several days. Again.

    • We didn’t get the rain like we needed (though others in the area did), but the weather is entirely pleasant again. I suppose PMS makes sense πŸ˜‰
      Hope it’s cooled off to your liking in OR!

  2. Love the light on the fence. And of course the cherries. We have picked what little we could get down here. I have enough for 3 pies. Will be miserly with them over the next year. I am not minding the heat too much as long as I don’t have to move mulch in it. Any more.

  3. Oh lovely~~big pictures. Your photos are so beautiful, Heather. I am glad the temps have moderated here. It was 40-some degrees this morning! It looks like it should stay in the 70’s for a while now. This weekend? Well, Barry’s been gone to Isle Royale for his annual fishing trip so I’ve been alone five days. Yesterday was my birthday. There was a little fiddler’s jamboree a couple of miles up the road and I did my annual volunteering and then went back to talk to a few friends afterward. Waiting for B to come home now. And that’s the wrap up.

    • It seemed like a big picture kind of day πŸ˜‰
      Barry goes to Isle Royale every year? First I was jealous of Dawn’s sister, now it’s Barry. I suspect I’ll make it up your way again before I make it to Iceland though.
      It’s fortunate that the weather was good for the jamboree. Outdoor venues just aren’t the same Up North in the blistering heat. 40’s is much more appropriate πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you Munira. That fence repeatedly draws me in. So gracious of my neighbors to have built it for me πŸ˜‰
      How is life in your part of the world? I haven’t seen any updates in a while…

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