Milky Way Monday

Tony and I sat out under the stars one night last week for about an hour and a half, taking well over 100 pictures. I pointed the camera at several different places in the sky, moving just in time to miss meteors every time I relocated. But you knew that; that’s how those things go.

We spotted loads of meteors – from quick and short-tailed to slow and long-tailed. It was a gorgeous night of sky watching. Eventually deciding it was bedtime, we packed up my gear and trekked back up to the front of the house for one last set of shots. Tony had the idea that it would be cool to have a shot of our house under the Milky Way, and I didn’t disagree. I dialed in my settings (f/4.0, 25-sec, ISO 4000, 18mm) and then lined up my shot. I photographed the house, and then panned up to capture more of the sky, and a bright meteor streaked directly into my frame. Jackpot!

I guess it’s true what they say: when you’ve stopped looking is when you find what you were looking for.

Image is linked to my Flickr, so if you click on it, be warned: it will take you to a larger version on Flickr 🙂
Our house is a very fine house


22 thoughts on “Milky Way Monday

  1. Man. I can’t even breath this is so beautiful.

    Was thinking today on my lunch walk that I need to figure my camera out…need to learn more about f stops…and such…and even how to take pictures with more pixels….how hard can that be? I just have to read the manual. Well…first I have to FIND the manual. I wonder if we even got a paper manual…maybe it’s all online. OK. I have to find time to find out where the manual is…then find time to read it. You are inspiring fact it was your photography that I was thinking about on my walk. Any advice on where to start?

    • I am humbled by your compliment; thank you.
      As far as your camera and manual – I am sure it is online, as long as it isn’t a dinosaur. As far as where to start…Well. Before I had a dSLR, I started looking at metering modes. I’m not sure why, but it was something I could control that would help the outcome of my images. I don’t know if this is the best place to start, but it really helped tune me in to when an image would be over-exposed (definitely more of a problem for me than underexposure). Really, though, with metering, histograms, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc…I’d find the kind of photo you like, and figure out the easiest way to mimic that. Which is to say, I’d start by playing with depth of field OR with shutter speed. (So, using your camera in A-priorty mode or in S-priorty mode). Get used to what each of those does for you, and then start to incorporate them together. I still “cheat” often, and set my camera in a scene mode to see what it comes up wit automatically, and then make adjustments from there. I figure as long as I’m learning and having fun doing it, then it all counts. And by all means – if you think there’s a chance I can answer a question, ask 🙂

      • Good place to start I think. I have so much research to do…I always use the modes they provide…at least I know when to use the landscape v.s. the flower thingy! LOL. You are right. I need to play with it. I’ve got a willing poser (Katie) at least for awhile….I should take it off of automatic and/or preset button stops and see what happens. Sort of scary. And I am sure I need to up the pixels.

        I’m guessing that when you use one of the preset stops you can tell what it’s what it sets the fstop etc somehow..otherwise you won’t know what to adjust. Have to figure out how to tell that too.

        Sigh… to goof off with camera and would love it more if I could do more outside the box I think.

        Thanks for the info. Stay tuned!

        • The modes are helpful! My camera shows all the settings on the screen when I press the button halfway. I’m sure yours has a way to show you what it’s doing, too. Do you edit your photos with any software?

          • I don’t edit…I have Adobe photo something or other…but usually can’t figure out how to upload a photo into it. Sometimes something ends up there but I don’t really know how I got it there! See? Hopelessly confused by technology! 🙂
            Will see if I can find the settings …I think they show up on photos I’ve already saved to my computer if I ask about properties…

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