Restorative Moments

September is a take-it-easy time of year in northern Michigan. The entire area seems to sigh at summer’s end, relaxing its way directly into fall. I’m feeling this mood more this year than I have previously, and I’m grateful for the transition. The heat and intense activity of the summer is fun, but I’m truly an introvert, and eventually I need to retreat to quietude to recharge.

Today was hot enough that I again procrastinated on cutting the grass. The mercury indicated (digitally, because even if we had a thermometer outside, it would be an alcohol one, but I digress) that we crested 90. Not to worry, Mama Nature will begin acting her age (nine months, this year) later in the week, and then I can mow the yard. I did get my hair cut, though, so that’s something. Just over four inches – which seems like a lot, but it was nearly down to my navel, so it seemed like the prudent thing to do. Now I can procrastinate on getting my hair cut for the next eight months or so 😉

Finally, by around 7:30 some of the heat had bled from the atmosphere, thanks to a small cold front bearing thunderstorms. Tony and I squeezed in a brief walk before heading off to capture a few peaceful moments on the water. I’m not completely refreshed, but these quiet minutes add up. I’ll be good as new soon, ready to rejoin the regular world’s hustle and bustle.

Click to embiggen, if you wish. The top one is especially nice all grown up 😉
spotlight in the sky-small-2

storm over Torch-small


14 thoughts on “Restorative Moments

  1. That top photo is stunning, grown up or not. For me September is the month for washing windows, deep-cleaning, getting things in order before winter. This year, that may not happen until October and I can only hope it happens then. Hope is eternal, yes?

    • Eh, those windows can wait! They’ll just need cleaned again in the spring, and you have every reason not to worry about them. But hopefully you’ll have the time available to tackle them…and hopefully you’ll spend it instead doing something pleasant 🙂

  2. We did that thing again, where we end up with the same pics, just from slightly different locations 🙂 Your shots are lovely! Just wish I felt that ‘slowing down’ pert more, haha.

  3. “Embiggen..ed” the top pic…me likey! My kind of landscape shot. TFS! Me & my wife are soooo ready for Fall its not even funny. “Fixin” to (as they like to say in the South) head to the mountains this weekend and enjoy the Fall like cold front coming down. Serenity now!!! 🙂

    • I love that little spot in the river – sunsets are always good from there.
      I had only read the part of your comment that gets included in the dashboard, and I was thinking: “I bet they’re seriously looking forward to some Carolina mountains!” I’ll look forward to what you bring back from your serene weekend – hang in there, it’s just a couple days away 🙂

  4. Yep, that top photo is amazing. The second one isn’t have bad, either. I go back and forth between introversion and extroversion. I often think it would be nice to be one or the other.

    • I guess this way we get to experience both. We have friends who think they can socialize us out of being introverted, like if we just go hang out with *this* big group of people, we’ll finally understand. I feel like being on the fence allows me to see both sides. But then I’m a fence-sitter, and end up not being content either way. Sigh/grin.

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