Get a Load of These Turkeys

Early yesterday evening, as I was preparing dinner, Tony came into the room to ask if I had seen the turkeys. I had not.

Look at these brazen little dinosaurs. Do they not know I have plans for those? Plans that involve my belly and not theirs? I smiled as they gorged. I’m glad they dropped in.

9 thoughts on “Get a Load of These Turkeys

  1. Cool! This morning on my way to work, about 7:00 a.m. I saw about 12 turkeys in the front yard of a house. I think I have seen this flock earlier in the year, all babies and two parents….they ran across the road earlier in the summer…first the adults then some of the kids, then a few more kids, then a couple more, then finally one last one. I sat in the car and waited. Was nice to see them this morning and know that most of them survived.

    • When I lived in GA, each year I watched a family of turkeys grow up. It was always cool, and nice seeing the survivors, as you pointed out.
      I’m just wondering if the turkeys in my back yard are perhaps the very same ones you witnessed. Their behavior is so similar. I took photos, and they started running away. Then several of them jumped off the tops of the grapes. Then they were all gone, moving out to the back woods. Then one last guy darted out from underneath, as if to say “Wait for me!!!” πŸ™‚

    • They were planted long before we bought this house. I think they run the danger of turning to vinegar far sooner than I’ll turn them to wine. But they taste amazing right now πŸ™‚

  2. I’d be glad they dropped in, too. Love even the most random sighting of wild turkeys. However, if they were munching in our garden we’d have to eat THEM for dinner even though we’re *mostly* vegetarian! The wild turkeys have never been this far north until recently. There’s rumors that one is living here in Aura, but it hasn’t come our way yet.

    • We have loads of them – see them around here all the time, but I think there has been a re-introduction effort fairly recently. Before we moved up, but still pretty recent.
      Lot of folks on FB suggested we prepare one for Thanksgiving, but I am a) far too sentimental, and b) they look too skinny to eat πŸ˜‰

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