Hello There, Fall

Happy Autumnal Equinox 🙂

first day fall

The weather has acted fallishly all weekend – cool, cloudy, and rainy. I had really wanted to go for a nice long walk yesterday evening, but when I stepped outside to see how it felt, the slight mist shifted directly into continuous, soaking rain. So, for most of the weekend, we stayed home and worked on house projects.

Today though, we took a break from home ownership and went to check on the season’s beginnings. After all the rain, and a high in the low 50’s (10C), we opted for a driving tour…which I started with a weather-appropriate maple cinnamon latte.

Michigan’s best apples
spilled apples

Along the way, we stopped to get honeycrisps – apples from a farm on the Old Mission Peninsula. Before we visited up here in the fall several years back, we didn’t even know what honeycrisps were, but there were signs all over the place advertising them. One bite (from that one farm), and we were hooked. We’ve tried them from many places, and we’ve tried many varieties of apples, but that farm – Twin Maples Farm – has The Best Apples (and maple syrup) I’ve ever had.

With apples in hand, we continued our driving tour. The Big Show (leaf color change, that is) is just starting, so I didn’t take many photos; the rain gave up, but we’re still chilling under a pall of clouds, and I just wasn’t inspired. We did take a walk tonight. Only a mile and a half, and in the park instead of around our block, but I’m marking that in the “win” column. Some days you count all the little things – they eventually add up to big ones 🙂

What little things do you “count?”

A walk in the park…a couple days ago

Some more vignettes, just to thoroughly welcome Autumn:


10 thoughts on “Hello There, Fall

    • I’m glad you got out 🙂 I’m just now getting around to catching up on blogs, so I expect I’ll read/see details momentarily.
      Short is certainly better than nothing – you must count that in your pile of small things.

  1. We have fall here in Texas as well. Not so much cool temperatures. We don’t do that. But the yearly storm blew through on Friday and now everything is covered in leaves. Ta da! Fall!

    • We had the same kind of fall in Miami 🙂 We used to walk at this park all the time, and we could tell it was fall because it would lose a bunch of leaves. They more just died rather than color-changed-and-died, but it still felt like fall. It feels like a curse to say it but…….I’d miss the cold weather if we stopped having it.

  2. Crunchy leaves and crunchy apples…how delightful! I type while munching on one….an apple that is 🙂 I’m glad it’s sweet, aromatic, and perfectly crunchy. Looks a lot like your honeycrisps!
    By the way, don’t you just love the word ‘crisp’? It’s so…..crisp! 😛
    I love the idea of Fall. If only I could experience it in Karachi.

    • “Crisp” is a great word – very nearly onomatopoeia. I think all apples should be crisp – and sweet/tart. I bought some apples the other day “for early season baking” according to the packaging, and they were sour and mealy. I tossed ’em out for the deer. Have you visited any places in the fall, or is fall just a thought for you? When we lived way down south in Miami, Florida, we had friends who had never seen real snow. One visited a northern state with us in the winter and was amusingly shocked when he touched snow – it was *so cold* when he had apparently just been expecting fluffy 😉

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