What a Difference a Few Minutes Makes

While it rained most of the weekend, we managed to find a couple moments of sunshine – even if it was only peeking through the clouds.

Saturday, 7:20pm (click to embiggen)
Rapid River

We had gone out for a drive, hoping for a pretty show as the sun dropped below the cloud plane, but gave up and went back home amidst drizzle. Minutes later, I glanced and the window, and the grabbed my camera at a full run out to the back pasture.

Saturday, 7:54pm

I was glad I sprinted. Seconds later, the color was already bleeding out of the sky.
Saturday, 7:55pm (click to embiggen)

Shortly after that, the color was gone entirely. I ran back in, again, amidst drizzle.

Last night, the sun executed a repeat performance…and so did we. Though no precipitation rained on our parade, we went for a walk under textured low clouds, and then drove to the marina in Alden for the show. Nothing, nothing, nothing. And then this:

Sunday, 7:52pm (click to embiggen)
Gorgeous Alden sunset

Even the guys out fishing stopped for photographs and awed commentary.

Sunday, 7:53pm (click to embiggen)
Alden sunset pano

But again, seconds later, and the show was over. Truly, a few seconds can make all the difference. Hoping you always have seconds for the differences you seek.

Sunday, 7:55pm
remains of Alden sunset

17 thoughts on “What a Difference a Few Minutes Makes

  1. Well, these are all just stunning! I thought the first one was gonna be my favorite. Then I kept scrolling, and reading…and now I can’t pick a favorite!

  2. Beautiful photos, Heather. Sometimes it seems like I have spent my life here in Michigan waiting for a few seconds glimpse of the sun. But when it comes, wow. πŸ™‚

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