Early Fall Evening at Rugg Pond

An evening walk around the block is almost routine for us. Almost. Fitting in four miles and dinner before sunset can be a bit of a challenge at this time of year. Since we had chorizo with dinner, the four miles seemed more like an invitation for heartburn than a fun way to unwind. However, with warm air and blue skies, we weren’t going to stay confined inside, so we chose a local destination for a brief outing.

The blushing trees at Rugg Pond formed unblemished reflections in the stillness, while the hillsides behind cast deepening shadows.

First two images can be embiggened, as can the side-by-sides
Rugg Pond pano

fishing Rugg Pond

Rugg Pond reds

The absolute tranquility cemented my belief that Mama Nature is currently taking a deep breath, poised on a precipice of autumnal intensity. Can you feel it, too?

Nights have been chilly (frost most evenings), but the days warm nicely so that my grapes flourish and my tomatoes continue to ripen. Rich green trees of summer have been supplanted by their olive-colored brethren, tinged red at the tips – but holding, not yet bursting into fall flames.

Rugg Pond ripples

I’m holding my breath waiting for it, too. Right now I’m enjoying the clear, crisp air and the bit of heat the late September light holds. I’m still warm enough in capris, but require a jacket if I’m not cloaked in direct sunshine.

It’s always like this, before the October glory arrives. I’ll not push for it to hurry though. Soon enough, we’ll be shrouded in November’s shadows, which aren’t nearly as pleasant as these.

Rugg Pond


14 thoughts on “Early Fall Evening at Rugg Pond

  1. It’s a beautiful time of the, most especially in your neck of the woods. I love the photos – my favorite today is the ripple in the water on the reflections of the trees. That one made me look twice. Or maybe thrice.


    • I am happy that we have a good mix of pines and hardwoods; it makes for pretty nice woodland color all year. I enjoyed the ripple photo, too. Turned it upside down on a whim and decided it was more interesting that way 🙂

  2. These are fabulous photos. We enjoyed the bright color of those select branches against the deep green of the pines as we were going through the UP and upper LP this past week. Lower part of the state isn’t showing a lot of color yet.

    • A friend who currently lives in Maui is coming to stay for a week in early October. We hope the color is good for her visit. We are going to the UP, so even if things are super vibrant here yet, I’ll hold out hopes for there. Are you ready for a stay at home before you “fly” south?

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  4. This looks beautiful, Heather. Glad you opted to go instead of the possible heartburn scenario. It’s interesting you posted this. A FB friend posted about hiking around a small lake in our area last night (she said it took 1.5 hours) and that sounds like a kind of fun challenge. Maybe the Universe is advising this hike?

    • It must be! Even though we spend lots of time each season outside, I feel like the time to do so comfortably is slipping by so quickly. Go do the hike! Next time you think of it, you might need eighteen layers 😉

    • Thanks, Josh. The fall color is just starting to leak into the leaves, and I’m starting to get excited about the upcoming season. I’ve always got a fleece (or three) handy 😉

    • Glad you like! The entire time we were there I only saw this one…just one fish at the water’s surface. The rest must’ve been hanging out with the fisherman 😉

    • Thanks Jeff 🙂 Are you guys getting an fall color out your way yet? It seems to be a bit late this year – not that I’m complaining after the three weeks in the 60’s in July/August!

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