Fungus Friday

You might remember, I have a bit of a thing for mushrooms. I’m especially fond of morels, because they’re delicious in addition to being fun to find, but I’m intrigued by most fungal fruiting bodies. The other day when I mowed, I even avoided a particularly large mushroom out of some kind of fungicidal guilt. Yes, seriously.

Most of the below are from our Rugg Pond adventure last night (they were everywhere on the eastern edge of the pond!), but two are from the no-kill zone in the back yard. Enjoy, and happy (fungus) Friday to you!

6 thoughts on “Fungus Friday

  1. I love looking at the wild mushrooms. We have a friend who’s an expert on fall shrooms. Once I even went hunting with her–but never trusted myself to know for sure which are poisonous. Happy Friday to YOU!

    • Aren’t their colors gorgeous? We’ve hunted boletes before, because they’re pretty safe to hunt even if you don’t find the “choice” ones. Tony had some issues with them, though, so he’s a little wary of trying again. But any wild mushrooms are like that – start slow or you can get sick. Morels used to do me in when I was in my single-digit years.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a morel. Or any wild mushroom. But they are beautiful! Sometimes we get some in the yard here, but not often. I like shelf fungus too, when I see it in the woods, though again, it’s mostly “up north” that I see any.

    • I am honestly shocked that you’ve not had a morel! Must find a way to rectify this 😉
      I find shelf fungi interesting, too! They just aren’t quite as colorful as the toadstools I’m so taken with currently.

    • Their biology is fascinating, and then to think some of them turn decomposing waste into deliciousness – they’re like the catfish or tilapia of the forest 😉 We hunted boletes a few years ago, but haven’t been brave enough to venture out for them again. One of these days!

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