The Big Show

We’ve historically traveled fairly far afield of home in search of fall beauty. We head for the drumlins in Antrim county, or the bridges stretching across the Manistee River closer to its mouth, or we just try to find something new. And I’m not writing any of that off – it’s all lovely. But this year, we’ve looked closer to home. (The trip to the U.P. doesn’t count – it was just a fun trip, not a fall color tour 😉 )

Just across the road, and in my backyard

Deliberately trying to do less driving (again, the U.P. doesn’t count!) means we’ve been appreciating what’s near more. Finding new little places, rediscovering old ones is good for the heart – a good reminder in its way that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else.

Trees, barn, hillside all a stone’s throw southeast

This hillside is definitely greener – and it’s on this side.
Rapid City hillside
Rapid City barn

Autumn’s brilliance is the season finale preceding a long, dark winter. It’s certainly not all dreary, but looking at it from this side through seemingly endless days of hail and rain, it can seem that way.

View overlooking Skegemog and Elk Lakes, a couple miles south

Chain of Lakes overlook pano

Luckily, after the bright colors wave their goodbyes, we’ll have other things to light the end of the tunnel.

Enjoying the reflections at Rugg Pond, waiting for the moonrise

Hunters Moon Rising


17 thoughts on “The Big Show

  1. Really colorful up there…Did you just stack those rocks up? I have not seen them;) We are not very colorful right around here yet.

    • I did not. They are in the drive across from our easterly neighbor. I looked out the window after we got back from a walk and literally ran over there for those shots – leaving my dinner on the table – because I had not seen it lit so brilliantly. The color was gone (or near enough so that I was no longer camera-compelled) by the time I returned.
      We didn’t think it was going to be as pretty as it’s been here. I probably feel this way every year, but I feel like it’s more colorful than usual.

    • My burning bush is reduced to “ashes,” but I have seen some gorgeous ones. We seem to have more oranges and reds hanging around. Normally the golds are the longer lasting leaves. But, sigh, it’s raining/sleeting out there now, and we have snow on the way tonight. Good thing I collected pictures!

  2. I always get sad when summer ends, then I am always surprised at how beautiful the trees are in the fall, then I get re-surprised at the beauty of snow…then I always get tired of it. Just each year the % of time I have those emotions is different. We’ll see how this year goes.

    Beautiful beautiful photos! Obviously I am behind…I need to go read about the UP trip!

    • I go through a similar roller coaster process, but I don’t get tired of the snow until I can’t go skiing any more. That being said, I’m not loving this early snow we’re getting. (Even though it has been pretty!)

    • I’m not sure if it’s really pretty this year, or if I’m just really happy about it. It could be either one, but I can’t put my camera down lately. It’s kind of distracting. That is not a complaint 😉 I’m glad I can share it with you!

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