A Confession

I lied. I am a liar.

I published a blog this morning about fall and sneaky snow that dissipates by sun-up. But I wrote that blog last night and just set it to go live sometime this morning. I’m not even sure what time I selected – just sometime after I’m working. But I awoke to this:
snowy barn

winter in fall

fall maple under snow

Several inches of lake effect snow piled up overnight, coating out beautiful fall scenery in mashed potatoes. Unexpected and beautiful. But that’s kind of the story of life, isn’t it?

I recommend clicking through the slideshow here. You’ll notice some snowy versions of the fall photos I took just yesterday. Ah winter. I don’t know how I feel about you yet, but you sure are pretty.


25 thoughts on “A Confession

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    • After this spurt of weather I’ve got a bit of trepidation about Halloween. Last year it was a wind, rain, and sleet-filled affair that was rather miserable. I had my hopes up for better when we had upper 60’s and 70’s just a few days back, but now…?

  2. Oooooo….Ahhhh….. Gorgeous! I love how the snow looks this time of year against the leaves and colors. Glad you got out to do justice to the beauty.

    • I got out a couple more times, too 🙂
      This is my first real snow in fall. I was so giddy about it this morning. But I really don’t want to break out the yak trax and snow boots just yet 😦 Still, I might prefer this to cold, cold rain. Speaking of which, happy Ontonagon game! (You’ll be right by the Porcupines, you know…hint, hint!)

    • From a distance “crystaline” works – up close it’s such a fluff. The lake effect snow we get is oddly dry. It blows around easily. It would have been quite gentle on everything if the trees weren’t still supporting soaking wet leaves. I’m not sure it’s gentle though 😉 We’ve only gone four months this year without snow – June, July, August, and September.

  3. Lovely pictures as always. Are you ready for the snow? Seems like summer and fall slipped between our fingers before we were able to really enjoy them. I keep telling myself the only positive to the colder days is that I am so much closer to my due date (10 days to be exact).

  4. Yes, I am finally finding time to look through some of your blogs on the computer instead of my phone! The phone simply doesn’t do the pictures justice! The snowy red barn picture at the top has definite promise as a possible pic over my kitchen sink. I want something that will look good printed on metal, and against a corrugated galvanized material. We are painting the hall wall barn red, so something with red might be nice. Not sure if the “snowy” background will fade too much into the galvanized wall? You know how artistic I am…. ;p

  5. It’s official!! I want to live where you are! I’m speechless from this beautiful juxtaposition of Fall and Winter 🙂 Those spots of color peeking from their fluffy coats of snow – Magical! Like Neverland at Christmas! Ok…will stop gushing now 😉

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