Friday Photos: Juxtaposition

As most of you know, we’ve been enjoying lovely fall brimming with color and autumn activities (I haven’t even told you about our wetlands hike and trip to the orchard!). But good ole Mama Nature likes to play tricks on us, and just as we were skipping happily along with the cheerful warm October days, she dumped snow on us.

fall on Morrison

Little does she know that her trick is my treat; she’s just primed my brain for skiing and photo opportunities. (No, I’m not thrilled with the cold, but I refuse to resort to worthless complaining when I can instead find the silver lining.) Given that MN has provided the chance, I thought it would be fun to look at some similar shots, most taken just a day or two apart. If a scant flurry finds its way into your autumn scenery, I hope you find a way enjoy it. And if not, just look at the evidence for what a difference a day can make 🙂

I included a slideshow at the bottom for any who just wanted to click through all the photos, in the same order without opening multiple galleries. And if you happen to want to see them in much better detail, I’ve included many of my favorites in my Flickr photostream where I have practically unlimited storage.

Have a great weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Juxtaposition

    • You are ever so welcome 🙂 (It’s super easy, too!)
      Fall is coming to an end here. Glad I’ve got a bunch of colorful memories to get me through till the snow piles up.

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