Petey the Pink-Faced Pup

Long-time readers will know that Heather (me) and Tony (husband) have two 13-year old Bengal cats. These cats have lived with us since before they were fully weaned; we bottle-fed them the first week or so we had them. And they have traveled with us from Miami, FL, to Lexington, KY, on to Ellijay, GA, and now to Rapid City, MI. They have been our babies. They are our babies. We’ve kind of always wanted a dog (we’ve been called puppy-crazy), but didn’t want to ruin the relationship we had with our Bengals.

But, as we both work from home, these two have become increasingly dependent upon us, and increasingly agitated any time either of us leaves the couch. And if you read this blog at all, you know we leave the couch often. In short, they’ve been ruining the relationship for us. It seems harsh, but it’s the truth. Basically, if there wasn’t a cat perched on each of us, one or more of them was howling loudly and inconsolably. And so we decided that getting a dog might actually be a good thing; it would shake things up at the very least.

Yesterday morning we left home in good spirits, ready to meet some dogs. Based on photos and descriptions online, we had an animal shelter and a foster organization on the agenda. Our only requirements were that the dog be young, medium-sized, and have good energy. We weren’t in any kind of hurry, and didn’t think we’d be coming home with anything but discussion topics.

Meet Petey:
First night home
He’s a pit-mix who wiggled his way into our laps and then hearts. He was happy to see us, but not overly excited. And after the shelter worker dragged him (he decidedly planted his feet in avoidance) into the cat room, he calmly looked around and decided he’d rather hang with us than even consider sniffing the cats.

At home, he settled right into his new bed, and is happy with his chew toys. He’s kind of glued to our sides, but he doesn’t beg for our food. He likes walks, and does pretty well on a leash. He’s not great at fetch, but he does like to chew a stick. He still doesn’t really care about the cats, and I’m happy to report, that as of tonight, our cats are learning not to care about him, too. I think a peaceful coexistence isn’t too far off.

18 thoughts on “Petey the Pink-Faced Pup

    • Although he apparently showed up as a stray in poor condition at the shelter, the manager really cared for him – he threatened me if we didn’t 😉 They named him Petey, and we let the name stick because someone who loved him had christened him. I’m pretty sure they named him in honor of Pete the Pup from Our Gang/Little Rascals 🙂 (Though I never knew the show as “Our Gang.”)

    • We’ve had him out a bunch, taking him different places and going on lots of walks. When we returned home yesterday – his first Return Home trip – he practically pranced around the yard, like he recognized it 🙂 He’s a lucky boy, and we’re lucky to have him!

    • Thanks! He’s such a happy goofball. And he’s doing sooo well with the cats.
      His color seems to be that turquoise blue. We didn’t coordinate on purpose, but his leash, collar (which we did buy to match), cape and back pack are all that same blue. What? Who said he’s spoiled already?

  1. Awwww … that’s great news! So glad he’s cat-safe! As you may know from visiting my blog (or you may not … ) I’m a LONG-nosed dog lover, because we have – and have always had – greyhounds. And what’s more, I tend to go and ask ‘who’s the oldest you have?’ so our requirements in a pup are basically very different. But I do know that pit bulls and pit mixes have a really rough deal on the re-homing front so I’m really glad for you all, especially Petey!

    • We’re a few days in, and the cats are starting to learn that he’s okay. He only gets excited when they’re wound up, so their calming should help things 🙂
      I wish more people would adopt, and would realize that the vast majority of bad dog behavior is a result of bad parenting. The folks who run the shelter were relieved when we took Petey. I know those those “mean” dogs – pitts, rotts, mastiffs – often don’t survive once they go into a shelter 😦

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  3. Welcome Petey!!! You’re going to have the time of your life hanging out with Heather & Tony! Be prepared for long walks through gorgeous countryside in all kinds of weather 🙂 And I hope you like being photographed – coz you’re adorable and Heather is great with the camera 🙂

  4. How cool is THIS? Petey Puppy IS brand new! Gosh, you take a break from reading blogs for a while, and look what you miss. Glad to hear you’ve got such a sweetheart sharing your home now.

    • It was kind of a quick decision for us. We don’t fall into the trap of being overly cautious too often, but we do try to analyze a situation fully before making a decision. We are so glad we brought him home. The cats are slowly warming up to him (quicker than I thought they would), and we just love him 🙂

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