Things Unlooked For

We treated Petey for some mites on his feet last night, and a side effect of the medication is lethargy. He didn’t seem too out of it, but this morning, he balked mightily at his walk. He’s normally – as much as I can judge, considering he’s been with us less than a week – happy about his walks, so I paid attention when he planted his feet in determination not to leave home. He did eventually join me for a walk through our woods after lunch, and by afternoon we could tell he was feeling better. In fact, it was obvious he needed to purge some pent up energy, so we loaded him with coat and backpack and headed to the park.
tree in warm light-2

The breeze was cold, but the light was warm, and the trail was mostly free from the ice that still coats our roads. Petey trotted four times around the half-mile loop, pulling just a touch more on the leash than we’d like, (we’re working on it, and he seems to be a quick learner) but he didn’t fight the activity.
Tony and Petey

I’ve been watching our cloudy skies with eagle eyes lately, nigh on desperate for a beautiful extended sunset. Tonight we left home merely looking to exercise the pup. As we began our last lap, the light matured. The warm sun bathing the pasture transitioned into light pink with golden accents, and then deepened into a rich blush, finally fading into yellow and orange. As often seems to be the case, my sunset found me when I quit looking for it. I’m glad I was prepared anyway.

And in case you’re wondering, Petey didn’t mind taking a break in his post-walk ball chasing while I snapped pictures.





11 thoughts on “Things Unlooked For

    • I can happily report that he continues to be such.a.good.boy. He’s a little excitable, but it’s understandable since he’s so young. We still have some situations where we need to work on his manners, but he’s doing great 🙂
      And the sunset was just what I needed. Glad to have the photos to remind me there is a sun for these upcoming grey days!

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