A Coy Hike

It felt like spring this morning. It wasn’t quite 40F (4C), but the lingering snow on the road had melted overnight, and a lemony sun peeked over the horizon. The skies remained clear and blue, and the passing day beckoned. At about 2:00 we decided we’d work a split-shift, so we bailed for hike at Coy Mountain.

Proud boy on crunchy leaves under clear skies

We took the Petey puppy who discovered the woods was full of yummy, chewable sticks. Since he’d already had his proper morning walk, we acquiesced and allowed him the freedom to sniff and chomp. The novelty quickly wore off, and soon we hiked along the trail easily. The dog may have settled into a more focused walk, but I couldn’t decide whether to look up or down.

Those two trees can’t decide whether to be one or two; and look at that canopy!

Moss and mushrooms? Be still my heart!

Even though the day was crisp and dry, I was seeing rainbows in the trees 😉

Eventually I pulled it together, and we arrived at the peak, which has nice views of Torch Lake at this time of year.

Our woodland foray only encompassed about a mile and a half, so afterward we popped down the road to the Depot park on Torch Lake in Alden. We traipsed around near the shore, almost convincing ourselves it was warm in the afternoon sun. With naked, hibernating trees the dominant feature of the landscape, I’m surprised how much color can be hidden by verdant leaves.

Maybe November isn’t so bad after all.


15 thoughts on “A Coy Hike

  1. Our November started out sunny and nice, but soon became gray and nippy. Girls and I took a walk on our standard route, no excitement there, but the air cleared my head and the exercise energized my body.


    • We cut out on work because we’ll catch up tomorrow. We enjoyed a brief window of sun today before clouds and rain, followed by snow.
      I was talking to my mom today. My soul just belongs outside. I always feel better after being out, even if it is routine. I bet your furry girls had a good time, too.

  2. So glad you have had sun in MI. This past month we have had lots of heavy cloud cover and high humidity in Florida. As I read your post I could feel the cool air and see the sun coming through the trees. You are right, there is a lot of beauty in the changing seasons.

    • I forget how humid the south is – and I don’t miss it. (It was humid in Atlanta this past Sunday when we flew in for a work trip.) We did have sun, but I’m afraid/excited that we are in for quite a bout of lake effect over the next 4-5 days. The bright white snow will be an improvement over the tree-bones though 🙂

  3. Yay!! Am all caught up! Have spent a wonderful morning meandering through the Fall-Winter wonderland that is Michigan, thanks to you Heather 🙂 Especially happy, coz have been nursing Junior who has the flu 😦 He’s been looking at all the pictures with me and wants to know how rainbows live on trees 😉 Please enlighten 😛

    See, November is GOOD 😉

    • Oh no – the flu 😦 I got the flu last year after more than a decade not getting it. I was miserable. I hope that since I’ve been away for a few days, you can now report that he’s on the mend! Sending my most convalescent thoughts!
      I can find good things in November and still have it be my least favorite 😉

      • Thanks Heather! He’s on the mend but I got it too 😦 I’m on the mend as well, happily, but the cough seems to last forever 😦 Still, have signed myself up for a bread-making class tomorrow…hoping that will put me back in a good mood 🙂

  4. November can be good. We’re back home now…seems rather dreary here..but then again we got home just ahead of this November gale we seem to be having. Love the photos…love Petey too!

    • We just got back from a jaunt down to Atlanta. We thought that gale was going to get us badly in Detroit on the way there, but we were only delayed about 25 minutes. Wish it had been that easy on Illinois. :-/

  5. I always love the vertical tree shots (4th one). I never tire of them. Glad you guys are enjoying your new addition to your family. Looks like a nice/happy little fellow.

  6. Glad to see November is starting to sing its way into your heart, Heather. Next thing you know you’ll be thinkin’ November is your favorite month! How long have you had Petey-puppy?

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