There And Back Again

On Sunday Tony and I dropped Petey off at Bokhara, a pet resort, where I cried. He trotted right in – greeting all the smells and newness cheerfully – but we had just gotten him eight days previously from a shelter, and it was difficult (for me, not for happy-go-lucky him) to leave him in a kennel. He proudly chomped on his new stuffed penguin, and we stowed our emotions as we left town, winging our way to Atlanta to visit work colleagues/friends in the office.


We stayed with our friend, with whom we also work, which is just about the perfect arrangement. He (and his family) are supremely gracious about the intrusion, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the companionship, accommodations, and shared rides to/fro the office.

Fall color there is waning, but it still paints quite a lovely picture from the twelfth floor. Being in the office isn’t quite as good as working from my couch at home, but the view sure doesn’t hurt, even with my back to the window.

From getting some excellent news in the office (We’re going to be official employees starting in the new year instead of on contractor status!) to easy trips through the airport, travel could not have gone much better. The TSA agents in both Atlanta and Traverse City were friendly, and so were all the staff at airport restaurants where we grabbed quick bites.

If I’m honest, I actually enjoyed the Detroit airport. Evidence of smart design abounds, plus there are gorgeous Christmas trees (backed by super-quiet red, Christmas-y trams), and a trippy lightshow between concourses.

As well as everything went, nothing compared to coming home. The lady at Bokhara brought Petey out to us – sans leash – and he mauled us with wiggly, excited kisses. After he settled down just a bit, Petey snuggled up with her (a heartwarming sight that ensures his future stays there), and then we said goodbye.

Rocky was more glad to see the pup than the cats are, but we’re all settling back in nicely. It’s good to be home šŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “There And Back Again

    • They are terrific šŸ™‚ (And I was gratified, because I was a little worried about his response since he spent 8 days with us and then 4 days at the resort.) The cats were still perched upstairs somewhere when we came in, and didn’t even come down when we called them! We are all snuggled up together in the livingroom now though.

  1. Love the title and all that follows! I’m so glad Petey was alright and you have a horse??!!!! How come I haven’t seen Rocky before??!!! I say thus again – I want your life šŸ˜‰

    I hope being regular employees will still leave you time enough for all the fun stuff! And those triply lights – reminiscent of the Aurora methinks šŸ™‚

    • I knew I could count on my fellow Tolkien fan to get the title šŸ™‚
      We do not have horses, but our neighbors do. The funny thing about Rocky is that he’s rather domineering, and he is very catly. He is so nosy, and will trot across the pasture to come check on us, and then turn at the last moment, like “I was just coming to eat this grass. It had nothing to do with you.” But with Petey, that giant, rotten horse comes running right to the fence. The nuzzle each other, Petey has given Rocky several kisses (which Rocky deals with, but doesn’t seem to love), and Rocky has lipped (I don’t know what else to call it?) Petey’s paws. I think neighbor horses are the way to go!
      Being regular employees shouldn’t change much for us. It gives the company some peace of mind that we won’t leave them high and dry, and vice versa. Also, we’ll get employer health benefits (I have no idea what you know of our “Obamacare,” but healthcare is incredibly uncertain right now!), so that’s what we’re most grateful for!
      Those lights *did* look like the aurora šŸ™‚ As we headed through that airport in the other direction, they were all blue and green with mellow music – it was like being underwater šŸ™‚

      • LOL…you know you’re right! Neighbor’s horses might just be the way to go…that way they do all the work and you can just enjoy their equine elegance šŸ˜‰ I love horses…must be the Archer in me šŸ˜› You should maybe offer Rocky an apple, if you’re allowed! I’m sure he’ll be very friendly then!

        I have no idea about Obamacare, but would be interested to learn what it actually means for citizens like you, coz I see a lot of cribbing going on on FB. I thought it was meant to make healthcare affordable? Hasn’t it? I do know however that the healthcare situation in the US is controlled by insurance companies and they’re not very nice are they? Here in India, the state offers basic healthcare to all, although the quality of that care is highly debatable and most people prefer to get treated in the private sector which is expensive. It’s a mess all around I guess šŸ˜¦

        • Mess all around is the way to describe it! Politics and personal opinions aside, “Obamacare” was launched on October 1 on a spectacularly unprepared site. Very few people have been able to enroll on the government exchanges (even though having coverage becomes mandatory – maybe – soon), and folks were told if they had coverage, they’d be able to keep it. But, the last part has just been patently false. Tony and I have to change plans, and we are in that middle ground of “make decent money and are healthy” so the costs for us are going to be sharply more šŸ˜¦ I’ll be happy when (if?) things settle in. It’s a lot of question marks right now!

          As for Rocky, that boy *loves* apples šŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Lots to comment on here! First off I love Atlanta, and it’s airport, though I haven’t been down there this year. I go usually once or twice a year…second how COOL that you got to go out to the gate on the other side of the amazing tunnel! šŸ™‚ Didn’t know Detroit was decorated already…we were in Detroit airport last Saturday, didn’t see Christmas lights. I don’t think. Maybe I was too tired to notice. And yes the colors down in GA are beautiful this time of year.

    AND..Petey! How cool he knew for sure you were his after only 8 days and then 4 back in what he might have thought was a shelter! He’s so cute! Glad you had a good trip, very glad you’ll be permanent employees…health benefits are a very good thing!

    • The Atlanta airport isn’t my favorite, but the TSA employees there have improved attitudes over a year or so ago, so there’s not too much to complain about. At least there’s lots of food options! I don’t know if I’m just in a determined mood to see the good in things, but I really did enjoy the Detroit airport. So many pretty things šŸ™‚
      I was really relieved when Petey responded the way he did. Maybe not as relieved as he was that we came back though. I did feel like we left him in good hands, so that helped.
      Yes – health benefits will be nice! We still work for a small company though, so we’re not sure what that’s going to be like long-term. They did sign up for an early renewal, so we will at least have the same plans in place through November 2014. Phew!

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