Happy Thanksgiving, Blogging Buddies

In more than three years blogging, I’ve made some pretty good friends. People who I genuinely consider my friends, and who I would happily pass time with in person. People who I can count on for their digital support, and whom I try to support digitally. I never anticipated this when I started. I don’t think many bloggers have, and have been similarly surprised. But I am grateful.

This post is for you, blogging buddies. I know many of you are facing some tough situations, and I just want to say thank you for your support. Your online friendship is a light that shines bright on some of my dark days. I hope the sun rises bright for your Thanksgiving (or just your Thursday, if you happen to be one of my non-American pals!), and your day is filled with enough.

night rainbow

15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Blogging Buddies

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Heather! I think this is one of the best Holidays, because Gratitude ought to be celebrated right?! Lord knows the world could do with loads more of it 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful, happy day my friend ❤️😊 I give Thanks today and everyday for your friendship 😊

    • The sentiment around Thanksgiving is the best. I wish we had a couple more days dedicated to being grateful and appreciative. In fact, if that sentiment would carry forward one more day in this country, the news headlines tomorrow wouldn’t read as badly as I expect :-/
      Tony and I had a terrific day! Likewise, I am incredibly grateful to have met you 🙂 Perhaps with some intense scheming, one day we’ll even shake hands!

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