White Friday

While other folks went on crazed shopping adventures (Today is known as “Black Friday,” if you live in a country that doesn’t immediately follow a day its national day of thanks with rampant consumerism), Tony and I began our 2013/14 ski season. Get it? (Snow) white Friday? I thought so 😉 Our first couple of runs felt a little stiff and shaky, but our muscles soon remembered their jobs. Slightly scary quickly turned into brisk fun. We didn’t stay long – there were only a few runs open, and we had a long walk planned for the afternoon – but man did it feel good to be back on the snow!

By the time we left the ski resort, the skies were beginning to cloud over, but Alden was still sunny on our way through, so we pulled off at a public access spot on Torch Lake.

visit to Torch Lake

The frosted islet called for closer inspection.

visit to Torch Lake-3

We walked to the very edge (sorry, Mom – we definitely got close to the edge!), and then turned back. We hadn’t brought our bathing suits, and didn’t feel like wading.

visit to Torch Lake-2

Some places practically beg you to slow down, and admire deeply. This was one. Tony and I both just stared, taking in the serenity of the whole, big icy picture.

And then we looked closer.
The individual blades of grass are worth clicking for the larger version

myriad icicles

After an hour poking around – so much for a quick stop – we finally dragged ourselves back to our car, and then home.

The past two days have been pretty terrific, and there are still two more days in the weekend. I wonder what they hold. Got any inspiration to pass along? 🙂

8 thoughts on “White Friday

  1. Ha ha, White Friday! Love your sense of humor, as well as your icy beauties. Hmmm, thought I had already commented on this, but maybe it was the berry picture on Facebook. I am so Facebook-overwhelmed. Have just spent an HOUR cleaning up my in-box and replying to 6,000 people and am now starting to read long-neglected blogs of friends. Happy Stupendous Sunday. 🙂

    • I know just how you feel – I’m just checking in on this blog. It’s a good kind of overwhelmed though. I’ve got messages from friends that I look forward to reading, and I know they won’t care if it takes me a while to respond 🙂 Happy Stupendous Sunday to you, too!

  2. I’d take a hike over shopping any day too 🙂 Soooo glad you’ve had such a wonderful couple of days! I like the idea of you running around looking for ice sculptures too.

    • Some days you just have to shop, though :-/ Now that we’re back into the work week, I’m having a really tough time focusing. Wish I were out seeking ice sculptures!

    • I just love icicles. We get some wicked ones on our house. It’s warmed up a bit, so they’re melting now, but winter is a long-staying mistress in northern Michigan. I’m sure I’ll have another chance.
      More Winter Wonderland photos coming your way soon, too 🙂

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