Friday Night Lights

It’s cold and snowy out. I just finished a hot cocoa, and am now luxuriating by the fire with my fuzzies. Later tonight I’ll wrap up some gifts for loved ones in Ohio. Yes, my friends, the Christmas spirit is flowing this evening!

With the warmth of the season in mind, here are some shots of Traverse City’s Christmas lights, to help make your weekend merry and bright. Cheers to everyone 🙂

A few of these are larger on Flickr, and I’ve captioned some, in case you’re interested in back-story or a couple more words from me 🙂

13 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

    • I’m in love with any twinkly lights 🙂
      And that bike. There’s another one on the south side of town that’s on my list to photograph too! Something about a bike strewn in Christmas lights screams classic Christmas to me.

    • Since we live in the middle of nowhere, we haven’t historically decorated outside. But this year we strung lights on one of our trees 🙂 If I lived in town, I’d outline our gables in dangling white lights. And I’d initiate a neighborhood light walk…with hot cocoa!

  1. Well shot and you have such nice fluffy snow. Can I get it online 🙂

    P.S. Re Bikes with lights. I once saw an entire Volkwagen beetle wrapped in Xmas paper and a huge ribbon outside of a house. Somebody got a great surprise that morning. 🙂

    • I don’t think I can share any of our fluffy snow, but you can have it on your blog if you like 🙂 If you click into your settings, there’s a little checkbox for the snow.
      I’m excited for any presents I get. I cannot imagine unwrapping a car!

    • Thanks Barry 🙂
      I love Christmas lights! We even decorated an outside tree this year. If I lived in town, our eaves would be decked with white lights…and I would offer cocoa on a self-declared light-peeping night!

  2. Sitting by the fire on my day off enjoying some Christmas via your photos. Cards sent, boxes mailed…blue sky, finches on my feeder…can’t get better than this. Thanks for the holiday spirit.

    • Good on you, sending those cards! I haven’t gotten it in gear (though I did send out candy…so that counts, right?), and I don’t think I’m going to. Happy Holidays Dawn (and Katie)!

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