A Tale of Two Days

Our typical north-northwest snowbands kicked into gear yesterday, threatening 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) of fresh powder through nightfall. So we did what we typically do on these days; we greeted it head on. We cloaked Petey in his cape and struck out for Maple Bay – a land convervancy with a nice, secluded stretch of beach.
Maple Bay
However, as we drove down the lane, the drifts began to drag the doors and only got deeper farther down the drive. Having learned our lesson, we backed up and opted for another location.

We could see tracks in the snow at the Traverse City State Park, and decided it would be a safe place for the car.

Four-frame panorama; click for larger version
Traverse City State Park panorama
geese on ice

We padded through thigh-deep snow down to the beach and met bracing winds. Petey wasn’t bothered. He snuffled through fluff and trotted along the ice shelf, oblivious to the snarling winds gusting off the bay as he lapped up mouthfuls of freshwater.

He was, however, disappointed that he couldn’t swim 😉
no swimming

Snow continued to howl around us, but we were blessed with clear overnight skies, and this morning dawned bright and blue. It’s days like this amidst a snowy December that highlight just how grey we’ve been.

I wonder which path made all the difference?
a deer forks in the snow

After tracking up the fresh glaze of snow (morning business, you know), I had a tough time focusing on work. Blue skies kept calling, and so I was grateful when it was time to go to the vet (routine maintenance).

The gorgeous day persisted after our successful vet trip, so I dressed Petey and we went for a walk. It’s funny; when you walk three to four miles a day regardless of the weather, even 16-degree (-9C) days feel toasty when the sun’s shining.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I feel blessed to have enjoyed today. And I’m sure I’ll find something to celebrate tomorrow, even if we’re back to grey. I hope you do, too!


11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Days

  1. I’m so glad you got a bright and blue morning to disrupt the grey 🙂 And Petey is quite the ‘Cape Man’ 😉 He wanted to swim in that freezing water? Maybe ‘Ice Man’ is a better name 😛

    I hope you have many more bright blue winter days which make for great walks and greater pictures 😀

    • He loves that cape – it means we’re going to do fun stuff 🙂
      He didn’t really want to swim, but he did want to chase the bobbing ice blocks. I was just amused at the irony of the sign given the frigid conditions. (Remains of an old pier have apparently been uncovered there.)
      We got 6-8 more cm of snow last night, and are back to grey now. We’ll get more blue…eventually I’m sure 🙂

    • Shasta is “fat and happy,” as a friend of mine used to say 🙂
      All that walking (and about half of it is running…) keeps Petey out of trouble. Have you seen those jaws? 😉

  2. No matter WHICH path we take, I think we learn a little something. Lovely snow photos. It’s been relatively warm here–in the 20’s–but K told me it was going to be 66 in NYC today. Can you believe that? We’re off to Georgia on Wednesday. Pray we get out & back in safely.

    • We had a couple of warm days, too – we made it all the way to 30! Family in Ohio are basking in the high 60’s. Okay, not basking. Those temps came with tons of rain. I don’t have dear ones under water, but brother-in-law is reporting high flood waters nearby and neighbors underwater 😦 So sad at any time of year, but devastating for little ones at Christmas.
      Hope your drive is safe. Wave at us in Ohio on your way through 😉

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