Friday Night Lights

Another week, another batch of Christmas lights. This is the last Friday before Christmas, and if I lived anywhere else, I might say this is the last of the lights you’ll see. But I’ve already got plans to do another neighborhood walking tour with friends. Also, folks Up North leave their lights on longer than folks who live in other places, on account of we get lots of snow and it looks pretty. So, there’s probably more festivity coming your way 😉

I hope these lights bring you a bit of seasonal cheer. Wishing you all peace and good health!

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

    • My favorite is actually the simple outline like the big bulbs, or classic white. If I lived in town where other people would enjoy our lights, I would decorate with the white icicle lights. For now, all we’ve got is the tree in the lower left of the collage.

    • I feel like I should have a twinkly-light frame around the page – you know, for more good cheer 🙂 Enjoy the time you get with your loved ones. I know how precious it is!

    • We are on the same team! I did take more photos the other night, so I’ll be sharing them soon 🙂
      Enjoy your time in Goa soaking up all the love. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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