And a Happy New Year

We’ve been Away, visiting friends and family down in Ohio. It was a lovely trip, which I will catch you up on later (because you know I’ve got photos of all those dear people to share!), but at least now you understand my blogging absence.

We returned home last night, and brought two of our nephews back up with us. They’re hardy; despite the single digits and below zero wind chills, we’ve played in the snow, built a quinzhee that all four of us fit in, gone sledding, and imbibed hot cocoa. It might not sound like the best way to ring in the new year, but it is. 🙂

May 2014 greet you kindly and treat you even better!

27 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year

    • Haha – just a quick one 😉 I didn’t realize that I might be missed online til Kathy mentioned that she thought I’d have written six blogs while she was away.
      Anyhow, it’s not our best shot, but it’s the one we’ve got 🙂 Love you!

  1. Oh thank goodness you nudged me about your latest blog. I might not have made it back in a Timely Fashion. Hey, did you know that when the kids were little we built quinzhees at the school and slept overnight in them? There was one adult per three kids in a quinzhee and I was one of the lucky adults. Slept there all night and got a medal! (So did Chris.) Crazy night. It was 5 degrees. I like the looks of yours. You brought back lots of memories. Happy New Year!

    • I’m just glad you visit at all – any visit is timely 🙂
      What a great experience for a young one. We had lots of survival conversations about the quinzhee yesterday. I’ve never built one, but after throwing ours together out of one of the piles of driveway snow (easy cheat!) I can see how they’d make a more comfortable camping experience. Much better than the 8-degrees but feels like -5! Can’t believe you and Chris slept in one 🙂 Happy New Year! Stay warm 😉

  2. It absolutely is the best way to ring in the new year! I never heard of a quinzhee before. And I’m darn sure I’m not going to sleep in one. But they are cool! Literally!

    • I came across info about quinzhees in some Up North publication shortly after moving here. Decided we’d give one a try the other day since we already had a pretty big pile of snow to work with (hence the inside layers of icky snow…). I’m not sure I’d WANT to sleep in one, but if I were going to go camping in the winter, I think I could be cozy enough in one. They block the wind completely, and hold in body heat relatively well. 🙂

  3. Blogging….Facebook….it’s all good 🙂 I have a serious question. How many minutes did you spend in that lovely quinzhee after making it? 🙂 Could one spend a winter afternoon reading a book in there? 🙂

    • Not too many, and then it was cooooooold their entire trip. Tony and I have appropriate gear to hang outside for a while on very cold days; my nephews don’t. But, if you were dressed in appropriate clothes – not even anything extravagant – and maybe had a blanket under you so you weren’t in contact with the freezing ground, I think you could read a book 🙂 People camp in them over multiple days, and they work much better to retain heat than a tent!

      • Ah yes, I should know all about not having appropriate attire for winter 😛 Karachi is freakishly cold this year! And since it never gets this way, we just don’t own woolies. We’re getting by with extra layers, but there’s nothing like proper clothing I’d say 🙂 O well, making the most of it while it lasts! Summery weather will be back in a flash and then we’ll MISS this cold like anything!
        Btw, as Harsha says (I just read her comment) my education continues too 🙂 I have googled lake effect snow and quinzhees all because of you!

        • We’ve learned so much since moving here. I used to think it wasn’t really true that Eskimos had 20 different words for “snow,” but now that I live with it all winter, I definitely believe it. And I should never have been surprised, because we’ve certainly got buckets of words for “rain,” including “drizzle,” “mist,” “downpour”…
          I only learned about quinzhees two years ago. Happy to pass on the knowledge – and learn likewise about your world. Aren’t these internets just the best? 🙂 🙂
          Stay warm and make fond memories to recall in the hot days ahead!

  4. What an absolutely smashing way to bring in the New Year Heather 😀 Im finally back home from Goa and although we had a smashing time too, it feels like Heaven to be back home and like you said – in my own bed 🙂 School starts tomorrow and it’ll be back to routine.

    My education continues through your posts! Had never heard of a quinzhee and enjoyed reading about it and how it’s different from an igloo! How long did it take for you guys to make it? I’m sure building it must have helped keep warm 🙂 Your nephews are adorable 🙂

    • Good luck getting back to routine. I love vacations, but it always takes so much more work settling back in that I feel like it should 😉
      I don’t know how long it took us to make it, but not as long as it would if we were out camping since we used a big pile of snow that had been built up from plowing/shoveling the driveway. Digging it out made my arms hurt for a day or so, but yes it did keep us warm 🙂 And our nephews got some experience with winter implements so I feel like we all learned something 🙂

  5. Dear Heather
    we are wishing you a GREAT New Year too 🙂
    Oh dear, Siri and Selma are very envious. They want to build a kind of iglu as well. But it`s warm here. What a pitty!
    All the best
    The Fabulous Four

    • Can’t believe it’s too warm there for snow forts! The US is experiencing record cold temps today. It’s a bit colder than normal where I live (northern Michigan), but quite a bit colder than normal farther south. We’ll try to stay warm; I’ll hope for cold and snow for you 🙂

      • Dear Heather,
        I hope for some snow as well, but as I live at the coast snow is something special as are temperatures below freezing. But I lived in the far North of both continents Europe and America and loved it there.
        We keep our fingers crossed for snow at your’s and at our’s
        The Fabulous Four

        • Klausbernd, I can’t keep track of where you live 😉 But I love the coast and all the photos you share, so keep at it no matter if there’s snow or not! As for us, we continue to get those wondrous white flakes 🙂

          • Dear Heather,
            I live in Cley next the Sea at the North Norfolk coast, but before I moved here I changed countries and continents for living and working quite frequently. Now I am retired here at the Norfolk coast.
            Lots of love

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