You might not have heard – it’s cold outside

There’s something about extreme weather events that makes me itch to grab the camera. Perhaps it’s the possibility of capturing something rare and preserving it one frame at a time in my (digital) memory. Whatever it is, the urge has struck a few times recently.

Right before Christmas, an angry winter storm shellacked a large swath downstate in glossy coat of ice. Many people were without power for an extended time, and in the winter especially, I think of their plight. But, as we drove through, I was also breathless at the sparkling beauty. For over an hour as we drove south to Ohio, my eyes were glued to the treetops, marveling at the glittery branches.

And in the past day or so, it’s gotten quite cold across the country. I thought I’d mention this in case you either live elsewhere or in a cave and missed the news. Another winter storm pummeled a large section of the country, dragging Arctic air down and leaving loads of folks – including us northern Michiganders (can the womenfolk up here be Michigeese?) – under windchill warnings.

Click the image for the latest chill map
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.02.15 PM
So yes, it’s brutally cold out, leading most to remark on the temperature and stay inside, or to grumble about the plowing if forced to go out. (I’d probably grumble, too, if we didn’t pretend it was fine to leave snow piled in the drive since we work from home.)

However, I was just hopeful the sun would make some kind of appearance so I could sneak out for some photos.

Wind carves interesting patterns from deer tracks

It must’ve been mine and Carol’s wishful thinking, because our little ball of fusion 93 million miles away did shine briefly, if only as a nebulous orb.

We even had a bit of a sunset tonight. What more could one ask for, besides perhaps a few more degrees? 😉


17 thoughts on “You might not have heard – it’s cold outside

  1. Glittery trees! What could be more beautiful?!

    Compared to the cold you guys live with, the 2 and 3 degrees in North India (Delhi) seems almost warm! But we have flight delays and people dying just from being too cold 😦 This is so typical of Nature ain’t it – that something so beautiful can be so deadly! I’m really happy with my cool, pleasant 19 – 20 degrees here in Bangalore 🙂

    Here’s hoping that Ball of Fire becomes less nebulous orb and more blazing star 😉 If only so you can take more pictures that I can then oogle 😛

    • Yes, unfortunately many of Nature’s finest offerings come laced with danger. I imagine this cold front will result in many deaths 😦 Lots of schools here have canceled because it’s just too cold for students to wait for a bus. 😦
      Looking forward to seeing the sun again. Not sure when she’ll come out, but when she does, you can bet I’ll be out there with the camera!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I am now wishing even harder for sunshine. And warmth. Both are good. The wishes are directed toward all those parts of the country showing in pinks and purples on your map. So far it is okay in my part of the country.

    • The complaints about cold are usually grin-inducing, as I smile inwardly at how thin-skinned people are. But today and tomorrow I am genuinely concerned for people and pets with inadequate protection from the cold. I’ll set my thoughts to those cold places, too.

  3. Beautiful photos – at least the cold brings such beauty… The temperatures aren’t as low in CT, but it’s still very cold and far below average over here too! Fingers crossed it warms up soon for you guys and stay warm! Also, since this is my first comment in 2014, happy new year! 🙂

    • Your first comment in 2014, and my first blog 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!
      Today is our last day of startling cold, and then we’re just back to normal cold 😉 Stay toasty, Dounia!

  4. Oof! All these pictures chill me to the bone….in a wonderfully exhilarating way of course 🙂 I would put off showering for at least three months 😛

  5. It is a pity that the landscape that is so beautiful for some is miserable and deadly for others. But, it can’t help being what it has aways been, whether we see it or not. We can’t help enjoying what our eyes see which does not harm to anyone. Great photos.

    Over here we are having a lot of rain and flooding. Usual British thing of not being well prepared but well practiced at muddling through.

    Best Wishes to All and hot chocolate all round. 🙂

    • I guess that’s the nature of Nature, eh?
      I don’t think folks over here are much better at being prepared. Seems like the grocery stores empty out any time a big storm is poised to strike…like immediately before, not several days.
      Thanks for the hot chocolate 🙂

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