Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I’ve been pretty slack about participating in the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenges, but this week, their theme was family. I don’t think any family is perfect. Mine has its issues, but one thing we excel at is loving each other. And in that way, we are perfect. I count my blessings each time we visit, and cry a little each time we leave. But I figure it’s best this way; I might cry more if I lived nearer, and for less endearing reasons πŸ˜‰

So here’s a peek at my family. I took the camera to Ohio at Christmas, but indoor lighting and chaotic family time don’t lend themselves to terrific photos. Certainly not everyone is pictured, but I didn’t leave anyone out intentionally! (Because, seriously, that would be cutting out a lot of people who I love!)

You’ve all met Tony, my husband of 13+ years. We’ve got at least one more year; I’d hate to end things on unlucky 13 πŸ˜‰ You’ve seen photos of him, but he doesn’t love when I take snap his picture. Thus…his hands, playing his new cello. It’s a rented cello, and he’s dedicating a year to learn it. I’m impressed and inspired. I can’t even play the cowbell.

Our kids. Sebastian and Dominique, 13+ years. They’re brother and sister from a litter of Bengal cats we got when we first moved to Miami. And Petey, alternately warming his face and buns by the fire.

Some of the rest. Parents and extra parents, brother, sister, niece and nephews. At this point, we’ve got quite a collection of nieces and nephews, but that whole lighting thing…

Instead of telling you about each of the photos, I’ll just share a few things I captured that make me so glad I cart the camera around even when it seems bulky and unnecessary.

  • Addi and Zy opened their presents next to one another on the couch. You can see from her sweatshirt that she’s a Belieber, and that sweet little thing kept telling Zy how much he looked like Justin Bieber. Which is a dubious claim at best, but he is rocking a Bieber-esque haircut, and he was a good sport about it.
  • Not finding anything in the stores this year that we even remotely liked, we made our own Christmas cards for our parents. Used some of my favorite seasonal photos and wrote a personal, if not poetic, note. Caught Tony’s parents reading our card. Phil grinned, and Shari, aka Blondie, cried. A good cry, which makes me happy πŸ™‚
  • Longtime readers will know that I’m a bit morel-hunting-happy. I inherited that squarely from my parents. This year my mom tracked down my dad’s cousin who hand-carves walking sticks with intricate morels at the top. She surprised him with it, at which point he said, “Jerry used to make these.” To which my mom replied, “Jerry made this one.” I can’t get over their faces and the depth of love they share. I cry every time I see this set, which makes me happy πŸ™‚
  • Here’s to my imperfect, perfect family. May we all be so blessed, even if fleetingly or in memories.

    19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

      • He is absolutely, resolutely, definitely (defiantly…haha! Can’t stop myself here) drinking that maple syrup. We get it for him at that stand on OMP, and his main mode of consumption is drinking straight from the jug πŸ˜‰

    1. A perfect family would be so boring, not to mention setting a bar way too high. A family you like is as perfect as I would want. And – there’s a lot to be said for distance. So much less drama.

      • It’s funny that you mention drama, Carol. I never the the impression of drama about your family, but then you probably don’t get that impression of mine, either. Regardless, your sentiment about “a family you like” is spot-on. And I am quite fond of mine πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, Edith. It can be tough sharing photos of family – don’t want anyone to feel slighted in any way! Nature is much more forgiving that way πŸ˜‰

    2. Oh how I enjoyed looking at these family shots–and reading your thoughts about your perfect imperfect family. (Or was that imperfect perfect and does the order of the words make it mean something slightly different?) I am wondering if there EVER is a perfect perfect family. Because without the imperfect factored in…it’s simply not real. I don’t think.

      • I’m not sure the order matters, but I am sure that being honest does. And I’d rather have an imperfect family that I am honest about and love than a made-up perfect family that I pretend about.

        • Sometimes I worry because it feels like I don’t share the imperfections of my family (on blog, that is) and people will think I have a made-up perfect family. But I don’t like to write anything negative about them. Usually save that for one-on-one sharing. Ooops, hope none of them read this comment. You see, I’m a wimp. Or just trying to be kind. Or somewhere in between.

          • I think everyone comes to a blog with the understanding that you don’t get to meet the whole person – you never can, because you’re living your own existence. But since I made it a point to keep things happy, I don’t want people to feel like I’m in pretend land. I’m not. But there is such a thing as over-sharing. If I ever thought that my readers held the answers (when I know there are none for me…folks who want to change will do it on their own, and no amount of my efforts will change things otherwise), I would share and ask opinions. Instead, it would just be airing dirty laundry to no effect. And I’m also a wimp/trying to be kind.

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