When the Sun Comes Calling

With over a hundred inches of snow for the season (and it’s snowing right now, and there’s more on the way…), we just haven’t had many sunny days. We’ve enjoyed peeks at the sun here and there, but the sun’s presence has been sparse. So when the clouds gave way to blue skies yesterday, we took advantage with a brief photo excursion up the Old Mission Peninsula with Jim and Jess.

None of us had seen the Traverse Bay frozen. Framed in ice, sure, but not frozen. Just ten days ago we were there, and water still flowed freely. Some of the deeper parts remain un-encased, but most of it is coated in a hard, candy icy shell. Frozen.
Frozen Bay Panorama
The nearby Clinch Marina hasn’t escaped winter’s chill, either. The boat slips are locked in place, and the railings are all varnished.

After ogling the marina and bay, we headed out of Traverse City and up OMP, where we stopped on the iconic overlook. From the top, you can see parts of the not-frozen East Bay, but all visible parts of West Bay are solid. Jess and I climbed the snowbank for our respective shots. I had my wide-angle lens in place: she had her zoom lens on. I’m interested to see our different compositions from the same place 🙂 (My photo courtesy of Jess!)

We continued our drive, thankful that we have such easy access to nature’s impressive beauty – even in the deepest of winters. We stopped by Haserot Beach for a couple of moments. A deep water harbor, it houses only a short and discombobulated ice shelf. The other side of the peninsula though, with its much shallower waters, is predictably frozen. Which you would think would lead to monotonous photos, but with the sun…

post-sunset over OMP

As the last of the day’s (colorful!!) light bled from the sky, we arrived at our dinner destination – hungry, but sated emotionally. Thank goodness for the recharging effects of solar power 😉
Post sunset over Power Island

26 thoughts on “When the Sun Comes Calling

  1. Had to google discombobulated!! Great word 😉 It’s good to know the sun came out for a while…and the pictures are certainly worth the wait as always 🙂 But I’m beginning to understand how monotonous all that snow & no sunshine can get if you let it! The fact that you don’t, says a lot!

    From one mutt to another – Shine on! Btw…did you leave Petey home? I miss him and red jacket in the pictures 😛

    • I think the challenge of winter is that you have to participate in it. If you don’t, you’d go crazy. Perhaps that’s not so bad for a Crazy Goan Girl 😉 Normally I wouldn’t be as unhappy with winter, but this year it has been sooo cold that it’s not even much fun to ski. We just get cold so quickly and it saps the fun. Tomorrow though…skiing tomorrow!
      Petey is friends with Jim and Jess’ puggle Chance. They played together while we were at their house, but then rode with us in his car crate while we were out. Jess and I mostly hopped out of the car while all the boys (Tony, Jim, Jackson – Jim and Jess’ son, and Petey) stayed warm inside. 😀
      Mutts unite! 😉 (And why o why are those silly quizzes so much fun?)

      • You’re right of course! And you do participate with fabulous results 🙂 Enjoy the skiing…but stay safe!

        Petey & Chance…sounds wonderful! Hang on…do I need to Google puggle or am I right in thinking it’s just a muggle pug?!

        Aren’t they just?!! Love them 😉

        • You made me laugh with “muggle pug!” It’s actually a pug/beagle mix. It’s a cute little thing; he and Petey are a complete mismatch for size, but they get on well 🙂
          Have you learned what kind of sandwich you are yet?

          • I don’t know…The first time I took that silly quiz, it told me I was a plain bologna sandwich. $&%! You, Quiz. So I tried different answers (because there were multiples I could have chosen for some of them). Second time it told me I was a hamburger with lettuce instead of buns! And really, I’d usually prefer just to have the buns…and never bologna 😉

    • Sometimes it’s all about the little things. We were in it for about half an hour the other morning before the clouds arrived, and Tony and I both had moments exclaiming how nice it was. You know it’s been cloudy when a brief sun shower makes Tony vocalize 😉

  2. I do like your narratives as well as photographs. They are very evocative. As for discombobulated! Well what can I say but it resulted in dacryops (alright I’m showing off, but it’s such god fun). 🙂

  3. Looks like fun. Last weekend I thought I’d make it to the ‘west coast’ for a photo shoot but then realized I had to be in AA on Saturday night. This weekend I thought I’d make it over…then saw the weather report with 11 more inches of snow coming. Sigh.

    • Dawn, you will make it over when it is meant to be and no sooner. Having been to the “beach” this weekend, I’ll say that there isn’t much liquid visible!

    • Jess went to snap my picture, joking about me being up there, so I thought a “Queen of the Hill” pose was warranted 😉 Even if we are under clouds, my heart is happy knowing the sun is always shining somewhere.

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