Adventure and Routine – A Restorative Weekend

I meant to write this last night, but since I was feeling so mellow from the weekend, it didn’t happen. We didn’t have the kind of weekend where you stay in and bury yourselves in books, but we also didn’t have the kind of weekend where you explore 15 new places. Instead, we did a little exploring, a little winter routine, and none of it on a schedule. By the time Sunday evening arrived, I was feeling refreshed and ready for Monday (or “today” if you’re on this side of the world).

Saturday afternoon we roused ourselves for a hike. We settled on Pyramid Point, because it has a nice view, and we hadn’t been since July. The road situation is a bit different in the area this time of year. Last time I drove my sister’s little front-wheel drive car down a two-track with no problem (well, except that we had to take said two-track because I briefly got us lost). The other day, I could only spot the road because the top foot or so of the road-marker pokes out of piled and drifted snow.

We parked at the bottom of the road the trail is on, and hiked up to the trailhead…to begin our hike. I knelt in the snow for a close-up of some dried Queen Anne’s Lace, convinced it was the only decent shot I’d get for the day thanks to dense cloud cover and intermittent swirling snow.

After the short climb, we reached the Lake Michigan overlook, and though the view isn’t what I’ve come to expect, it was spectacular in its way.

Guess which one was from July – even though it was 57 and raining that day 😦

Fine snow poured through our duration at the top (admittedly brief) so that we never did glimpse the horizon. What you can see in the left image is a break in the ice, which now coats nearly 50% of the lake’s surface.

Back in the warm confines of our car, I noted that sunset is now happening at nearly 6:00, and that we had time for some beach exploration if Tony and Petey were game. They were.

Considering the impending sunset, we knew our time on the ice would be short. Since it’s such a novel world though, every find is unique and exciting, making even a quick trip worth the effort. With the shore in this condition, I feel like I’m visiting a polar region. Icebergs sit perched and cracked on top of yet more ice, some of which you can see Lake Michigan’s teal through, and some of which expands out in little white pancakes toward the horizon.

Ice caves yawn at the west toward previously incoming waves, their savage maws nonetheless inviting you in. I answer their call. Eventually, the sky darkens enough that we call it a night before someone breaks an ankle (again).

Yesterday (I’m sure because we had gone adventuring on a cloudy day) dawned bright and blue, so we geared up for a morning of skiing. Though fiercely cold, the groomed trails were a blast, and I hope it stays just a touch warmer so we can get out more often. After a late lunch at the best brew-pub in existence, we returned home for a little snow shoveling followed by an afternoon walk. Most of our route was beautiful and sedate, with the exception of the biting winds when we faced west.

Oh yes, we also saw a veritable herd of turkeys…nearly four dozen!

And though only a few crepuscular rays shone through in the west as the sun set, the east held a lovely pink tinge, a gentle ending for a gentle weekend.


26 thoughts on “Adventure and Routine – A Restorative Weekend

  1. I’m so glad you had a gentle, mellow weekend Heather 🙂 I need one of those…

    Gorgeous pictures as always! I enjoy exploring the many faces of your Winter Wonderland through them 🙂 I was wondering…do you take your camera with you when you go skiing? Would love to see some pictures of the slopes and skiers.

    • If it warms up to get my fingers out of my fat skiing mittens, I’ll grab our tough camera. Tony generally has his phone on him, which I’ve been known to steal, but there’s no way I’d take the Nikon out. Yet. Oh, just thought of it…Tony did a quick slo-mo video of me yesterday because one of our best friends is a former competitive skier who now lives in Hawaii. I’ll see about posting on FB. Will still take the tough camera out one of these days!

    • And I hope you get a mellow weekend in too, though I suspect for you that will involve being buried in books 🙂 Hope your sneezing subsides soon! Perhaps next time you shall get a few days away on your own? 😉

        • Well, I’ve got the snowdance perfected. Perhaps I can work on a dance to accommodate your needs and whims? I still think tea goes better with books, but perhaps I’ve been reading all the wrong books!

          • Please do 😉 I’ll dance with…

            Tea just isn’t my thing I’m afraid…it’s altogether too genteel and elegant for klutzy me 😛 But when I go to London, I try my best to be graceful when my BFF and I do the High Tea at Fortnum & Mason…it’s a thing we do 🙂 But tea with The Great Gatsby for example – not happening!

          • Maybe you should try a nice, relaxed rule-less tea. I can’t imagine a stifling tea. I have a few favorites, but right now a simple breakfast tea with sugar and cream sounds divine. I really do need to go get that book you’ve been raving about! I do keep thinking about reading Infinite Jest. Not sure if I’m up to it, though…

          • Well…I don’t mind the jasmine tea they serve in Chinese restaurants and an occasional green tea…does that count? 🙂

            Infinite Jest huh? Isn’t that like the most difficult book on the planet to read or some such?

  2. You are such intrepid souls – hiking in mountains of snow and frigid temperatures. Then, omigosh! going for a walk after skiing and snow shoveling. I’m going to need a week of rest to recuperate from reading about it!

    • Isn’t that the beauty of reading about someone else’s adventures? You can enjoy the fun vicariously and participate in the recovery in any way that pleases you 🙂 Shall I pass the tea?

  3. Oh how fun, Heather! When I first saw mention of the ice caves I thought you had come up to da UP and visited the ice caves over around the Apostle Islands (which are probably in Wisconsin, come to think of it.) I so enjoy reading about the fun you two have. Oh, with Petey that would be three, right?

    • I’ve seen photos of the Apostle Island, and admit I’d love to go! But I’m not sure we’re going to make the drive to Eben, so Wisconsin is out this year 😦

    • I know! Just when the time seems to be dragging (i.e. this cold, slow winter), it hurries up and the weekend is here and gone. It’s Saturday night already! How did that happen?

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