More Ice, More Exploring

There’s more snow above that mailbox than there is below.
laughable mailbox

Yep, that’s a lot of snow. Our inland lakes are frozen, with the snow on top forming drifts, and over half of Lake Michigan is frozen. Some days it seems like a featureless landscape, and fighting off ye olde seasonal affective disorder can be a chore. Normally, we’d just jaunt off to go skiing, but our schedules have been less flexible lately, and it has been cold. Thus, when the clouds part to reveal the blue sky they’ve been concealing, we go adventuring.

…And because it’s still winter in northern Michigan, sometimes the clouds swallow the sky right back up as we’re on our way for a hike. Too late, though; we were already on our way, so along we went, to the mouth of the Platte River. Our dearth of moving water meant that we appreciated the short stretches of exposed river wending its way into Lake Michigan’s icy expanses.

Tony, Petey and I meandered along the beach (there was sand to walk on in places – sand!) and then scampered out onto the near parts of the ice shelf for our weekend explorations. Occasional peeks of the sun added a touch of drama to the sky to compliment the ice formations.

After a bit, we headed south to check out the Pt. Betsie Lighthouse. We were there just before Christmas, reveling in the blue waters despite our constant grey skies. Yesterday revealed a different scene. Ice stretches nearly to the horizon; from the top of the dune, you can just make out a hint of open water.

It’s a surreal thing, absorbing the beauty and irony of a lighthouse perched above a giant frozen lake. This lighthouse is always a favorite, but I particularly love how the ice near the shore retains its characteristic teal color.

Not long after we left Pt. Betsie, lake effect snow again blew in, blotting out any color in the sky. With a projected high of 6F tomorrow, I am ever more grateful for the ability to take spontaneous refreshing, recharging trips on the weekend. I hope you’re recharged for the week ahead.

29 thoughts on “More Ice, More Exploring

  1. Jeepers that’s a LOT of snow!!! I was thinking of asking you to send me a month-wise split of your seasons…just so I can wrap my head around this long winter. Or is it? Here in the tropics, the weather is already warming up and although we don’t really have a spring…we’ll soon plunge headlong into the infernal summer 😦

    The pictures are stunning as always! I love what I’m calling the North Pole set 😀 And the Lighthouse of course ❤ although for some reason I kept reading Betsie as Beastie 🙂

    • The snow for where our house is is on pace for a normal year. Nearby Traverse City, not situated in a “snow belt” is more than half a meter over their average for the season. It’s the cold that’s been bad. We are normally 10 or 15 degrees (F…) warmer, so I’m feeling like such a shut-in (though, you’ve read the blogs and FB and know I don’t actually do shut-in!).
      Would LOVE to visit and soak up some of your warmth. And food you keep posting 😉 I’ll pass on the super-hot days of summer.
      As for Pt. Beastie, I continually type it as Pt. Betside. And thanks, as always, for your photo love 😀

  2. I cannot imagine your winter this year. I know, you’ve shown us in no uncertain terms, but oh my! And here we are – so much warmer than normal. Our Friday snow was obliterated by Saturday’s rain. Rain! In February! Incredible!

    • I was just saying to Harsha, the snow isn’t so much (actually, it’s on pace for “normal”), but the cold I’m weary of. We expecting upper 20’s tomorrow so we’ll be out playing. Still glad we don’t have rain. I don’t like rain in February on top of all this snow! But perhaps your February showers will bring March flowers?

    • Why, he’s off saving the day, I’m sure. Or eating the little plastic rings on the milk caps that the cats like to play with that he’s not allowed to have. Take your pick 😉

    • I bet it does look familiar! More of Superior is frozen than Lake Michigan. But we’ve got some 20’s in the forecast. It’s going to be almost pleasant out 🙂

        • We were out in the sun yesterday for about five hours. For most of it I had my coat completely unzipped and was still sweating! It was 14. What a difference the sun makes 🙂 It’s nice feeling rewarded for taking a walk.

  3. So..I am looking back..trying to find a post to share with Dad…and it just occurred to may have not have heard this in a while….but I gotta tell ya..DON’T GET CLOSE TO the edge..:)
    Love you! Be safe

      • 🙂 Just reading this blog again and slowly absorbing the pictures…they really are just incredible! Such beauty in the extreme conditions. Ok..We can finish melting now, the snowdrops, want fresh air and sunshine…

        • It’s been almost warm the past two days, and though I agree with your sentiment, our forecast says we have highs in the single digits in the not-too-distant future. Looking forward to Orlando!

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