Between Two Moons

Yesterday was a brilliant, cloudless wonder sandwiched between two full moons. I awoke around 7am (early for me – went to bed at 1am…) to see if I could capture the setting full moon. The temperature had plummeted to -4F overnight, and I was tempted to return to the toasty warmth of my pre-dawn bed, but I dressed and grabbed my gear. The sky was clear – perfect for moon viewing. It hung creamy yellow in the sky, blazing orange as it dipped ever westward. As the sun contemplated rising behind me, the moon sunk below the horizon ahead.

Atmospheric disturbances warble the moon’s edges as it sinks lower

Those blankets still beckoned, so I returned to them for a brief sleep while Tony prepared to fly to Atlanta for a couple of days. After I dropped him off at the airport, Petey and I walked a few laps in the park, shivering in the cold, but luxuriating in the sparkling sun.

Tony’s view from the plane – frozen East Grand Traverse Bay

Since we live and work together, Tony’s absence means the house feels particularly quiet. I’m not great at staying inside under the best of circumstances, but when it’s just me and Petey, there’s little keeping me in the house – not even 12F highs in the middle of March. Thus, as the sun’s light shined down in golden rays in the late afternoon, we suited up for another walk.

A little over a mile in, Petey let me know that he was cold, so we jogged back home. But, sunset approached, and after that the moonrise. For symmetry’s sake, I returned to the same place I watched the morning’s moonset – overlooking the frozen Lake Skegemog.

Not sure where I wanted to photograph the moonrise, I ended up in a valley, hoping I’d get a decent shot. The sky darkened, stars began to appear, and the temperature tumbled. Eventually, the bright, bright moon rose above the nearly black hills, officially marking the end of a bright, bright day. Here’s hoping yours shone as well 🙂


16 thoughts on “Between Two Moons

  1. It did 😀

    Ms. Luna is putting on quite the show these days 🙂 Awesome pictures as usual…this time although I love the moony ones and the Narnian trees…that Sunset caught my eye! Maybe because it’s been a while since you’ve posted one or maybe because the colours are a welcome change from the white landscape no matter how stunning 😉 And then that last picture…it just makes me catch my breath…it’s like a hint of a promise made, if you get my meaning?! It’s…it just is 🙂

    • I can’t speculate why that sunset calls so much to you, so perhaps you’ve tagged it already. I didn’t think it was an awesome shot, but I felt compelled to go up the hill to take it so round out the day’s photos. And I get JUST what you mean about the hint of a promise. Although it may be a mysterious promise 🙂 It’s above freezing today, so perhaps the promise is of spring? (Or perhaps that’s just where my head is these days!)

    • Thanks! Loved it too! I love the stark difference in warm/cool in the highlights and shadows in the winter. I’m sure the same thing’s there in the summer, you can just see it so well on the snow 🙂

    • Thankyouverymuch 🙂 You’re missing Mr. M? How sad. Where I have Petey, you have your daughter. I’m betting she’s better conversation 😉
      Being so thin-coated (he has NO undercoat), Petey often has to be persuaded to take a walk. Once he gets going, he’s super happy to be out. When he gets cold, after a while of happily roaming, he’ll unexpectedly stop, plant his feet, and look at me like “Please, Mom, no more!” Sometimes he’s just being a bit stubborn (often when Tony is clearing the drive and Petey wants us all together), but if he lifts up his paws as if they’re freezing and he doesn’t want them on the ground, I know it’s time to call it quits.
      As for the moon, I was hoping to get another big, orange shot. When it turned out I was in the wrong spot, I decided to play with moon-made silhouettes 🙂 I think it worked? 🙂

      • You’re most welcome! No, not missing him yet 🙂 And yes, it has to do with little Amu being around, plus I enjoy my own company 🙂
        Very evocative description of Petey! I could imagine him doing all the things you say 🙂
        As for the moon-made silhouette pic, it worked stupendously! I love it!!!

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