Out of the Doldrums

I know, I know: it’s been a while. A few of you dear readers have not been shy about letting me know 🙂 We’ve been doing things, even things worth sharing, but I’ve been stuck in some late winter doldrums. I realize the calendar says it’s spring, but it’s still winter here.

East Bay, as of Sunday. It’s still frozen; the ice out there is just clear.
still winter

Our neighborhood, yesterday
spring snow

Also yesterday, so it’s not all snow, but there’s enough
spring snow-2

Fortunately, we have had some good family and friend time to break things up. We went to Ohio and had a terrific family visit at the end of March (more on that later), and then shortly after we got back, we hosted our friends Melinda and Matt on a three-day eating marathon.

Melinda and Matt, in front of a frozen East Bay – on spring break
Melinda and Matt

I’d classify their trip otherwise, but really, all we did was talk, eat, and sleep. I managed to take Petey on a few walks, so it was entirely gluttonous…just mostly. Hanging out with non-local food lovers underscores how ridiculously spoiled for choice we are. And even after visiting several of our area favorites, Trattoria Stella wins best food by a landslide. So, next time you’re in my neck of the woods, give me a shout and we’ll go out for a swanky dinner. Or even better, a delicious and more affordable lunch!

Our lunch at Polish Kitchen. Sharing bad photos because a friend always asks and I finally remembered – by which I mean I borrowed Tony’s phone and grabbed these shots well after we’d started eating! Pierogi on the left, goulash on the right.

Because the winter’s been dragging, I have been less maniacal about grabbing the camera. I’ve still been outside quite a bit, because cabin fever strikes daily even if the shutterbug doesn’t. But, thanks largely to warmer temperatures, I’ve started picking up the Nikon more again, and it feels good. Also, look at this cuteness. My heart asplode. Aren’t they just the cutest? I have another super-cute one lined up for Facebook later, so keep your eyes peel for that…assuming you like interspecies love 😉

And, last, some color. Because our world is becoming increasingly colorful. The drifts along the road are still a good bit above my waist, but there are clear spots in the yard, and the other day I actually had to take my coat off and walk in a tank top. Spring is on the way my friends. Enjoy it well 🙂

18 thoughts on “Out of the Doldrums

  1. Nice to hear from you again. Great photos, but all that snow is a little depressing for me. We are heading for MI next week and I am assuming there isn’t any snow left in the lower part of the state. If there is I’ll have to cry. 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping in, Pat 🙂 Now that you’re back in Michigan, I hope you’re not crying too hard. Most of the snow has melted, and the promise of spring is in the air!

    • It will, it will! Getting closer each day. Well, except for the days that it snows. But Petey and I just got back from a glorious walk where I didn’t wear a single piece of wind-proof clothing 🙂

  2. And into the Sunshine mon ami!! I know I know…but it’s closer everyday and you have those beautiful Chicks to warm your heart meanwhile! And Petey of course 😉 And me…for what I’m worth with all my silliness 😉 I’m glad you had good breaks though and Eat.Talk.Sleep.Repeat sounds just about right to me 😉

    Now to the bad food photos!! 😛 They’re not bad at all in that they brought on serious hunger pangs…especially the one I’ve assumed is sausage (it had better be!) and potatoes! And like I said…those platters are magnificent 🙂 They look Portuguese to me…I have a green one that sort of looks the same only less flowery 😛 Hugs for remembering dearie! (said in very Rumple fashion! I hope you know who I’m talking about? ❤ Robert Carlyle!)

    Oh and since you're in wish-granting mode…you really should do one of Tony and you together like you did of your friends 🙂 Now that would make Spring hurry 😉 So so good to have you back blogging 🙂

    P.S. You must excuse the overdose of emoticons…I really am Happy 😉

    • I cannot believe I totally abandoned this blog!! Shame on me with all these nice comments!
      We had such a lovely time with our guests, but I think I might still be a bit full from our excursions 😉 Who am I kidding? I could go to any of those places right now (or three of them) and indulge! Will work on a new photo of me and Tony together. He doesn’t love having his picture taken though 😉

  3. Love how the photos start with winter and move through to spring hope. 🙂 I have one of your photos, bet you can guess what the subject is, coming to me via mail this week! THANK YOU for taking it. It was hard to choose which one.

    • We still look a bit wintry if I focus the camera in the right (wrong?) place! But I felt like hope was needed, so I went with a winter–> spring transition 🙂 I’m betting Pt. Betsie, and I am honored no matter what you chose 🙂 Thank you!!

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