Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

A news outlet up here passed around an image on Facebook underscoring that Michigan had the coldest March in the world this year. This is not hyperbole. It was cold.

So it goes that when the Daily Post issued their weekly photo challenge this week, and the topic was spring, I knew I’d be playing along. I didn’t know what I’d post, but after this winter, I have been seeking signs of spring in a way that borders on desperation. I even thought about taking macro photos of the buds on the crab apple trees we planted last year, except they are so tiny that I don’t think they’d even look interesting up close :-/

It rained all day yesterday and most of today, but just a short while ago the clouds broke and the sun peered through. With the brilliant sunlight (any light seems bright after days of grey), I knew I’d find something outside.

Is there anything so refreshing as the pure green growth of spring?
spring photo challenge-2

spring photo challenge


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. Beautiful, especially the second photo.
    What an interesting map of the global temps…..so global warming is also causing global cooling in some areas 🙂 luckily here in Scotland we’ve enjoyed a sunny mild winter this year!

    • Thanks Carol. So grateful to finally have dribs and drabs of green. We still have a long way to go. Threatening not to work at all the rest of the week because it’s supposed to be in the 60’s 😉

  2. These captures are just beautiful…the raindrops on the plants are incredible…the tiny little white daffodils reflecting in the top one..and the little blades of grass reflected in the lower…beautiful…I have never “seen” raindrops or dewdrops from this perspective..well, maybe in that one sunset picture you took (1?..what was I thinking?) Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Mom 🙂 I knew you’d like these! I wish they were daffodils, but mine haven’t even budded up yet. It’s another hyacinth plant in the background. And I know just the “one” sunset photo you’re thinking of 🙂

  3. Beautiful. Even to find one blade of grass that is green is beautiful after this past winter. I think we’re past the snow…right? Though we had hail here this afternoon for a moment. Then sun again, then rain. I don’t think Mother Nature is sure she’s done with us. Yet.

    • That’s it. You did it. We woke up Sunday morning to a couple of inches of snow. Must be your fault 😉 No, no. I know it’s not fair to blame it on you. Carol already spoke the truth: Mother Nature is being a B this year!

    • I saw this comment come through in my email (I try to wait until I’m on wordpress to do any replying), and have had that song in my head for a while now! Thanks for the ear worm and the compliments 🙂

  4. If there is…I don’t know what it is!!!

    YAY!!! Spring is here 🙂 Look at those greens and those water droplets…tres cool! I’m longing for Spring too…coz we’re now firmly entrenched in the searing heat of Summer…we’ll all be toast by the time the Monsoons arrive to save us 😛 Boy have messed up the Climate :/

    ENJOY the Spring mon ami 🙂

    • If spring has arrived here, it won’t be long till it makes its way to da UP. Hang in there 🙂 Meanwhile, here’s a bit more to tide you over :mrgreen:

  5. I’d give anything to be where you are. Karachi is a sweltering sauna :/ I’m dyyiinggggg.
    Feeling better after looking at those amazing shots though 🙂 Very much less of a drama queen 😉

    • Thank goodness! I’d hate to think of my favorite drama queen melting into a pool of unrecognizable, but dramatic goop 😉
      If you need more of a break, you can always click through the January/February/March archives – no heat there!

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