Quick Trip to the Sand Lakes

This evening after work and dinner, Tony, Petey and I dropped by the Sand Lakes Quiet Area for a short hike. Petey had never been, and it’s been since October that Tony and I were there. The North Country Trail runs through the area, so if we wanted to, we could park the car and then just hike for days and days. Mother Nature hasn’t decided to just let it warm up already, so we only walked to the closest lake – “Sand Lake 1.” Creative, I know.

Sand Lake 1

Aside from a few rounds in the back yard, Petey has been an on-leash boy. He has trekked many, many miles with us at this point, but he’s still a pup so we haven’t pushed it. Tonight, ours was the only car in the lot in a very remote location, so we tied his leash up to his pack to see how he’d do. He wasn’t perfect – he seems a bit deaf to “Petey, come!” if something smells good – but he did pretty well. We’re proud “parents.”
He stayed near, resisted the (strong) urge to chase little critters that flitted away, and waited patiently for us at any forks in the trail. Accordingly, he got lots of treat nibbles and the chance to flex his developing (haha!) jaw muscles while racing after and chewing sticks.

I was hoping to see a wildflower to two, but I had to settle for fall’s remnants.
Wildflower remains
And since spring is tardy to the Sand Lakes, I sated my desire for greenery in the extensive variety of mosses (and lichen) strewn about.

As the sun waned, and whatever passed for warmth ebbed out of the day, we decided not to linger. We plied the Petey-Puppy away from the lake and its smells with the promise of a delicious stick, and headed back. Many tosses later, we neared the car with a tired, happy dog. Not a bad way to wrap up a Monday! I hope your week’s off to a good start, too 🙂



16 thoughts on “Quick Trip to the Sand Lakes

  1. Pirate Petey. A happy dog always has an infectious visog.

    I hope the Sloopy song is not being bothersome and I love the term ear worm, so I found you one.

    Yep, I know. I’ll do a post on how to soon.

  2. It is now thanks to pics of my favourite Pooch 😀 Aaaaaaawwwww…this for the one where he’s taking a break :* I’m so glad he could be off-leash and run around free! We could all do with a bit of off-leashing no?! 😉 And Congratulations to the proud parents! You’re raising an amazing puppy!

    Love the moss and lichen shots. Have one very similar to Moss 5 which I took in Ooty. Almost done with the pics now…there were so many to go through and get rid off 😛 The heat here is so killing…gets in the way of everything with the lassitude it brings :/ It’s so ironical that while you guys are just able to be up and about after a long winter, I’m housebound from a searing summer – Mother Nature I tell ya!

    • This world is full of ironies. While there’s been flooding in the UK, our western states are suffering from a horrible drought.
      Does the heat turn you into a nap machine? I find a nap brought on by summer heat is very sweet. But our hot afternoons are passing things. Even in the heat of summer it cools down quite a bit at night. And our lakes never warm up very much, so there’s always respite from the soaring temperatures in a swim.
      We are very glad to have had the chance to let the guy roam. He goes on so many walks and gets to experience more places than a lot of people, so I never feel particularly bad for him, but it is nice to let him know we trust him. He *SO* wanted to chase after some squirrels, but when we asked him not to he sat and didn’t. He wasn’t happy about it, but he complied 🙂 It was a proud moment!

  3. This looks so lovely, Heather. One of these days I want to visit and hike with you. Not in June, though. We’re headed down for my dad’s 80th birthday and then Kiah is headed back up to da UP with us. I’ll wave as we go by.

    • Kathy, you (and Barry) are welcome to stop by for a hike any time you’re near our area! Though I do completely understand that often your schedule just will not allow! Hope you have a happy happy celebration with your dad. Make special memories 🙂

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