Spring Is Happening!

We are finally, finally in the full throes of spring, and I just cannot get enough of it. Fortunately, my husband is very understanding about my need to be outside, and my dog might have cabin fever worse than I do. It’s a close call, though 😉

These past weeks, we’ve spent oodles of time outside, which means a fair amount of off-leash time for Petey. We’ve learned that he gets easily grass-stained, and that he does enjoy the water (weren’t so sure there for a while – he gave wide berth to any puddle we came across in the winter). The beach is particularly nice after a hot hike, because even on a warm day (I’m talking low 70’s/20C) the water is cold (38F/3C).
spring is a thing-21spring is a thing-20

Those who know me or who’ve followed the blog for a while know that most of our outside time has been spent in the woods. We’ve done hours of mushroom hunting, and haven’t been too successful until tonight. We’ve found a few, but we’ve been far more successful at finding cool things in the woods to look at. It’s not a bad deal. If I’m not going to find dinner, it doesn’t hurt to find pretty things. When you’re intensely focused on details like you must be to find morels, you tend to notice the details in other things. That’s how the teensy-tiny orange mushrooms grabbed Tony’s attention. And how cool is that teal wood? I have no idea why it’s that color, but that’s how I found it. Speaking of blue, how about those fungi on the tree? Such cool stuff out there, I tell ya!

Such cool stuff, and such scary stuff. Yes, scary stuff. Yesterday was one of the most glorious days a person could hope for. I took Petey for his morning walk, and just wanted to call in “Can’t focus – too pretty out.”

I didn’t, but I wanted to. And Petey wanted me to, too, because he kept going to the back door and plaintively looking back at me. Eventually it dawned on me that it would be a perfect day for working on the patio. I grabbed my laptop, phone, and some water, and opened the door.

Less than 100 feet away, over where the deer occasionally bed down, a cougar sprang off into the woods. A Petey-sized (he’s 67-lbs now) cougar. I am 99% sure of it. I’m leaving a 1% chance it wasn’t a cougar because I have no photos or other evidence, but I know what bobcats look like and I know what coyotes look like, and it was not those. And it certainly wasn’t a deer. It might have been a Bigfoot, though.

Seriously, it was a cougar. In my yard. The funny thing is that cougars are far more elusive than morels, and I’ve looked for years to find one of those on our property. I should have looked for a big mountain lion, because here’s the ironic thing: when we went over to see if it had left any tracks, I found a morel.

It’s on the right. I included the left shot of some poisonous lookalikes for fun.

Not all our days have held such excitement. We’re still mostly reveling in not dressing in layers and in all the green. And I’ve been enjoying the simple act of capturing a sunset that happens well into the evening. It’s enough, and I’m happy with it 🙂

spring is a thing-15

14 thoughts on “Spring Is Happening!

    • So far so good! Isn’t funny how the days are longest at the very beginning of summer, but it warms up more as the days get shorter again? Ah well. Loving this!

  1. YES!!! Spring is a many-splendoured thing ain’t it? I’m so glad you have your blue skies and your greens 😀 And look at Petey being all ‘springy’…adorable! Maybe what he didn’t enjoy was the coldness of the water in winter?

    Haven’t been too well for a while now, but am finally on the mend and looking at these gorgeous pictures makes the heat here more bearable. The monsoons should be here soon and I for one can’t wait! And cougars!! Who’d have thunk it??!!! Stay alert and safe! Did Petey sense it?

    ENJOY the Spring my friend 😀

    • It lifts us up where we belong; all we need is spring 😉
      I’m thinking it had to have been the cold, or just general fear of the new, because he’s not nearly as shy around it as he was. I’m sure once it warms up properly, and the water is a few MORE degrees above freezing, he’ll be a water dog. He might be out in it alone this year though. That is some COLD water!
      As for the cougar, it was SO quick that I don’t think he really paid it much mind. It was over where we see deer, which he never bothers with. But when I took him over with me to get that mushroom shot, he smelled and smelled like there was DEFINITELY something interesting there. So who knows?
      It’s strange still for me to hear of someone happy about the monsoons. When we reference a monsoon here, it’s to jokingly talk about how unpleasantly heavy it’s been raining. When we lived in Miami, FL, we had two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. We didn’t look forward to the wet season. It was much hotter, and rained every day. Not for long, but enough to keep the humidity high. Looking forward to some monsoon thoughts from your perspective! Enjoy your rains and I’ll keep on enjoying this spring thing 🙂

  2. Thats a good idea ~ looking for something small as a way of noticing what otherwise may be missed. I’m going to give that a try. Now where did I drop that needle.

    Good shots. Have a good summer. 🙂

    • I think I see it in that haystack over there 😉
      I have no trouble seeing what’s great about a perfect spring day, but I find that I’m a happier person when I look for the details on those grey days that drag.
      I’m going to keep enjoying spring for a few more weeks before I move onto summer. But I plan to enjoy them both. Hope you do too, GrahamInHats. Which are you wearing today?

      • Where ?

        Yes sorry. I didn’t mean to rush you into summer. I get confused. The British weather rarely admits to being any particular season. 🙂

        Definitely my fun hat (as in pic). I took the name because I find myself involved in a variety of tings (yep ~ tings) , each of which need a different hat. One of them is a new blog that will give me more scope/hats.

        Thanks for the good wishes. Please accept a Teddy Bear for your collection 🐻

  3. So glad to hear spring is happening! (I suspect it’s happening here, too, except on the bays, which are so far uncooperative.) I haven’t even been out looking for morels, assuming the worst. Enjoyed reading your thoughtful comment about dining/traveling alone. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Big plans? My biggest plan involves cleaning house. We have friends coming for dinner.

    • As you can see, I’ve been neglecting the blog again. I’m back tonight, not sure for how long. I assume you’ve just about lost all your ice now? We seem to have moved directly from winter to summer in one month. We had several inches of snow early in May, and have been hot and dry now for the past few weeks. Have to be watchful the garden doesn’t dry out now.
      Did you enjoy your friends for dinner? Doesn’t seem like a very nice way to treat a friend. Hahahaha 😉

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