Charlotte’s Webs

Early this morning – before 6:30 – I did an odd thing. I woke up. I do this often, but this morning, this view greeted me out the upstairs window.

fog layer in pasture

I’ve been looking forward to a foggy morning for about two months now, but it has been so dry. It’s been just about perfect weather otherwise…lots of sun and comfortably warm temperatures…but it’s been dry. And dry does not make fog, even in the morning. If I lived closer to one of the big lakes around here, I’m sure it would have been different. But I don’t. And I live at the top of the hill, so double-whammy.

But, like I said: this morning it was foggy when I awoke two-and-a-half hours before I had planned. My excitement drove me downstairs to the camera, and then out to the pasture. In the short time I was out, the fog had mostly dissipated. No worries. Remember? I live on the top of a hill. I was sure there would be fog down in the valley. In my PJs (don’t worry – I was still “decent”), I took off in search of foggy memories.

light rays through fog

What I found was Charlotte. And her web. And her children’s and cousins’ and nieces’ and nephews’ webs. It was webby out there this morning, and all their diaphanous filaments glistened with pearly dewdrops.

So pull up a chair, and pour a drink. Enjoy a visit with Charlotte and her family. Even if you don’t like spiders, I think you’ll have fun 😉


17 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Webs

    • You are kinder than I am, though I certainly don’t go out of my way to destroy them. I know I crashed through hundreds of them yesterday – the meadows were teeming with them. And I definitely end up clobbering a few while hiking. But, I obviously enjoy them as you do, and appreciate spiders so long as they’re not on me or in my house 🙂 (And then I’ll often scoop them up and take them outside, because I am a sentimental fool.)

  1. There is something about a shimmery shiny web that tantalizes. Nothing better to photograph. And you’ve done a fine job! Please no fog in the Grayling area on Thursday morning, please and thank you. I don’t like driving on the expressway then. Will wave though. See if you can intuit the exact moment. 🙂

    • The rain is supposed to pass through by early afternoon Wednesday. Hopefully it will not linger and cause you driving problems. I think some of the worst visibility we’ve had on the interstate (and we’ve done quite a bit of interstate driving!) was near Grayling. However, it was in March after some rain had fallen on the snowpack. To make things worse, the deer were out in droves, searching for any roadside morsel they could uncover. Fortunately, they seemed content where they were, and we were accident-free. Hoping the same (well, better) for you. Happy travels, and happy celebrations!

      • Yep, we’ve had bad driving in the same spot. Or maybe it was around Gaylord. So know what you mean. I think it may have been winter, too. Thanks for the celebration wishes!

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