Peachy Beach Time

Tonight after work, we were all itching for some outside time. We’ve stayed very near to home recently, making a concerted effort to cut back on thoughtless miles. (We’ll always be vagabonds to an extent, so don’t worry that we’ve suddenly become shut-ins!) Last night we took a looong walk in a nearby park, so when we considered where we might go, that was off the list. And with the clouds of marauding mosquitoes this year, the Seven Bridges were out too. Maple Bay is always a nice place, though, and it’s been a while since we were last there, so we headed thataway.

The beach is at the end of a short hike through the woods, and is normally quite pleasant. Tonight, we swatted mosquitoes the entire time, and ended up nearly running despite being in flip flops. Thankfully, they preferred the closeness of the forest to the fresh air and breezes on the beach.

Other than a couple of ladies and two children who were leaving as we arrived, we had the entire area to ourselves (which is about 3/4 of a mile according to Google Earth estimates). We waited until we left to read the signs asking you to keep your pet on a leash, and we let Petey roam. He never wandered far enough that we felt like we had to go get him, and when he meandered near private property, he listened when we called him back. He did not, however, play in the water very much. Even though we happily splashed along ankle-deep, he tried his best to keep his paws in dry sand.

I love the collection of driftwood here!

Petey trotted along busying his nose, Tony traipsed along scouting Petoskey stones, and I trekked along shooting my camera. It was incredibly peaceful and pleasant – a perfect way to relax post-work. (Can you tell I’m a touch delirious and having too much fun with alliteration?)

As sunset neared, we headed back to the car, again braving running from the mosquitoes. We’d have stayed at Maple Bay, but really didn’t want to venture through the woods in the dark. But Elk Rapids is a short drive up the road, and on our way home, so we stopped off at the Dam Beach for sunset.

We stood on the sand, waves lapping around our feet as the sun dipped below the horizon.

After the sun was gone, the sky really lit up, as it often does. And as is sometimes the case, the action was not where you’d think to look for it.
Elk River sunset


16 thoughts on “Peachy Beach Time

  1. A wonderful way to spend time after a day of work – or any day for that matter. Petey is a good boy. Of my two, Shasta is the most likely to listen, being a girl eager to please. Bailey is more confident of being loved and more stubborn = less concerned about listening until she’s ready.

    • We’ve really been enjoying the various “locals” beaches we know of now that tourist season is in full swing. And let’s not get the idea that Petey is a perfect angel. We have to go fetch him occasionally, but he does pretty well. Especially when he knows there’s a treat in it for him.

  2. The driftwood is beautiful, indeed! Yes, indeed, it is a conundrum which must be considered–how many miles to rack up and when to stay close to home. Seems like there must be a balance. Kiah wanted to go into town (34 miles round trip to Baraga) for an ice cream cone the other night. We vetoed her and had one instead last night on our way home from Houghton. We’ve been going river hiking and walking on the beach this week and it’s been so much fun to have her here.

    • It’s especially tough when one is considering ice cream. Or at least it is when I’m the one doing the considering. This weekend we didn’t do so great at staying close to home, but we did pretty well at maintaining our sanity. I don’t mind the excess of people we have in the summer. After all, I am “permafudge.” But have you seen the photos of all the garbage being left on the beaches in TC? It’s Cherry Festival week, and the littering is a travesty. I plan on going in just to aid in the clean-up efforts.
      In happier news, I’ve loved seeing your photos with Kiah. Since I live so far from my mom (I know you can relate in both directions here), I understand what a special time you’re having. Enjoy all your hikes! And any wayward ice creams 🙂

  3. Petey and Katie would get along fine on the sandy beach not getting their feet wet. What a relaxing way to spend the evening after work! 🙂 And yes sometimes the best colors of a sunset are behind you. We learned that on the Pacific Ocean beach a few years ago.

    • It’s funny how we get so caught up looking west that we often miss some spectacular happenings in the east. I suppose if I were up early enough in the summer for a sunrise, I’d see more happening in the east 😉
      I think Katie might be too princess-y for Petey. He’s still very puppy-ish, and hasn’t quite figured out his social cues. He thinks every dog wants to play as hard as he does. Not that he’s rough, but he wants to chase and tumble for hours. But yes, if they were on the beach together, and Katie was avoiding the water, Petey would stay out, too. He’s a dog-follower, no question about it!

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