Out of the Storms and into the Other Storms

Since we last talked, Tony and I decided to sell our house, and we took a trip to Ohio. If you’re really interested in details, I’m happy to share, but the short version is: we want to live closer to where we seem to spend all of our time when we’re not inside the house. Obviously, working up to that decision and then prepping for selling has taken up much of the time that we weren’t visiting family in Ohio. So, that’s where I’ve been whilst neglecting this blog.

But you’re here for adventures, right? The weather has been rather stormy for summer in northern Michigan, with far more rainy days that we’re accustomed to. We’ve taken to scheduling outdoor activities during brief periods that we don’t expect inclement weather rather than just days of outdoor fun.

Initially, Saturday afternoon looked like a great time to take a trip up to Wilderness State Park with Jess, Jim, and Jackson. But then Saturday arrived, bringing a long string of storms to plague the Tip of the Mitt at least through the evening. Tossing that idea in File 13, Jess suggested we look south to a shipwreck we had both recently learned about.

Frankfort beach hike

We all arrived at the beach south of Frankfort to a lovely, sunny stretch of mostly empty beach. Winds blasted the shore, whipping Lake Michigan into an ocean-like fury – beautiful, but with lots of rip currents. Not great for swimming, but terrific for a beach hike.

Frankfort beach hike-2

Unfortunately, clouds darkened the sky just a couple minutes into our trek, threatening rain with each additional step. We were a determined group, though, so we pushed on. However, a few of us might have been wishing for less summery clothes.

Frankfort beach hike-3

Happily, the ship’s remains rested a short distance down the beach. We marveled at the size of the old boat, and wondered about its past.

Curiosity sated (well, only regarding the shipwreck’s appearance), we turned back north with hopes of returning to our cars before the weather really got ugly.

Frankfort beach hike-13

Jackson might say otherwise, but the hike back was more comfortable thanks to the wind on our backs instead of our faces.

I even took a few moments to linger with some exposed beach grass roots, appreciating their anti-erosion effects.

Frankfort beach hike-15As often is the case, the trek back seemed shorter than the journey there. Once more at our trailhead, we were all grateful for the warmth found a few steps up and away from the water – not least of all Jackson, who quickly returned to his happy, talkative self.

Not only did we make it safely back, but we also took the clouds away from the beach with us: the sun reappeared before we got back on the main highway. Such is life…and such is life Up North that we all stopped at a different beach after dinner to enjoy some funtime in the sunshine. And if I can get it together, I’ll share some photos from that soon 🙂

Edit: A quick Google search reveals some interesting info about the 1886 shipwreck of the Schooner Marinette.


15 thoughts on “Out of the Storms and into the Other Storms

  1. Sad story about the Marinette, especially the 13 yr old. Cool that it was visible for you to see. Where are you thinking you’re going to move to for your next set of adventures?

    • Shipwreck stories are almost all sad 😦

      We are just going to relocate closer to Traverse City. Even though we work from home, we “commute” to TC about 1,000 miles a month. Seems like it would be smarter just to move there 😉

  2. Always heartening to see a portal into another world. I hope you find the place you seek. 🙂

    I’ve discovered a new weather phenomena. Rain so hard it destroyed my straw hat. It stopped the moment I found shelter. Would you Adam and Eve it. Never mind, I get to by another one. Yay 😛

    Have fun, see you later.

    • I absolutely Adam and Eve it. Jess and I had the opposite fortune recently. We walked from her house to a local festival (about a mile) on its last day to get funnel cakes. We both received our orders, and then rain began pouring down. We hopped into the giant vestibule at a bank that was just steps away. Funnel cakes and straw hats survived the deluge 🙂 Hope your new hat treats you well!

  3. This is an exciting time for you! How close to Traverse will you be moving? In the town or outside the city limits? My favorite picture is the wee one in his blue bathing suit. The colors are stunning.

    • We are open to the possibility of living in town or a few miles out of town. Right now it’s at least a 50-mile round-trip, and we end up combining multiple things into one trip (like any “normal” people would do who live as far away as we do). Not sure how fast the house will sell, but we’re ready for the change.
      I’ll pass the compliments along to Jim and Jess since he’s their wee one 🙂

  4. Leaving your (almost) new bathroom behind? But yes, it would seem wise to reduce those 1,000 mile a month trips. Crossing fingers you will find a perfect buyer for your home and a perfect new home.

    • I’ve taken my photos so that I can say goodbye without the fear of losing the memories associated with this house 🙂
      Thanks for the wishes! What will be will be I suppose.

  5. What will be, will be. Golden words to live by 🙂 Wishing you all the best in managing to sell your house and find a new one Heather! Change is exciting, but it also makes me maudlin.
    The photos are beautiful, as usual, such a delight to see the colours of that stormy lake !
    Off to read the story about the shipwreck now. 🙂

    • Thanks for the well-wishes! Tony and I are going to look at a couple of places tomorrow. We don’t have our hearts set on anything yet, because there’s no point since no one want this place yet 😉 But we still love this place and our setting, so we’ll enjoy it until we re-locate!
      And if you were feeling maudlin, I’m not sure reading that story was a good idea 😉 I know it was a sad one!

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