12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Awash in Sunflowers

    • They have never been among my favorites, but there’s something special about acre upon acre of any flower that transforms them into something wonderful. One of these days I will get downstate during the tulip festival where a similar scene can be seen (see what I did there? :p ) in colorful arrays of tulips!

  1. Great stuff. I just hope that they don’t go on the march. When I was a kid, I was always confused by the road sign “Heavy Plant Crossing”. Never saw one though. ❗ Oh the sadness of it all in the hedgerows, eee aaarr 😀

    • Yes, the triffids concern me, too.
      We don’t have “heavy plant crossing” signs around here. We do have the occasional “bump” sign, which is funny, because it should always be either “bumpy” or “bumps.” When we lived in Kentucky, we used to see “congested area” signs, which were *never* actually posted near high-traffic areas.
      Keep an eye on those hedgerows! Watch especially closely for bustles.

    • Thank you Pat 🙂
      There are many fields in the area, and these were taken in a few places. You can find one field just south of M-72 between Acme and Kalkaska, near the casino. Others are found in the triangle area between M-72 and US-31. If you ever want specifics, I’ll be happy to provide full directions!

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