A Quick Kayak

Something about the weather this summer has just not been inspiring for kayak trips. We’ve talked a few times about going out, but changed our minds for various reasons. The other morning after I dropped Petey off for puppy day camp (What? Who’s spoiled?), I stopped by the beach in Elk Rapids. It was early enough in the morning that the water was still, and the beach was entirely empty. I really wished I didn’t have to return home for work, but I did. At least I had my few peaceful moments on the sand before my work day began.


The morning remained calm long after I arrived home. And as we finished lunch, the sun was shining, and things still looked entirely pleasant out. I checked the forecast, and the weather report indicated wind speeds at a max of 5MPH – not too shabby. So before we picked Petey up, we decided to squeeze in an hour on the lake.

kayaking Elk Rapids-7

I’m not sure about the whole 5MPH thing. The air didn’t seem particularly breezy, but the lake surface was quite choppy (I walked away with a very wet lap), and the current on the south side of the beach pulled strongly at the tails of our boats.

But for no longer than we were out, the paddle was exceptionally rejuvenating. I don’t know why time spent quietly on or near the water is so restorative, but it is. I feel so at peace and so connected to the water when we kayak. We should really get out more often.


12 thoughts on “A Quick Kayak

  1. You’re right about the restorative powers of water! I could sit for hours on a beach in a Boketto state 😉 Testing your vocab memory there 😛 Which makes me realise that pictures of water are soothing and restorative too! How cool is that? You should kayak more…so us landlocked creatures can dream of virtual restoration 😉

    Does Petey enjoy his Camp visits? Is it a once in a while kinda thing or more regular? I wish we had the kind of support you have there for your pets! It’s the biggest hurdle I face in getting a dog 😦

    • I was just finishing up some sunset snaps from last night, and some dusk/twilight/star shots from the other night and it occurs to me: so many things that man cannot control are restorative. Wonder why it’s things that we have no hope of controlling restore balance?
      Petey LOVES day camp. We actually cannot believe our little community has such a facility. It’s a small place run by a woman who has become a friend. Each dog who comes to camp or board has to pass a personality test – which is to say that it can’t have any aggression issues. We take Petey about once a week. It really helps moderate his dog-craziness. Plus it’s great socialization and exercise on a level that we simply cannot provide. America is kinda overboard in our pet-obsession 😉

      • You’re so right there Heather! Nothing beats Mother Nature’s restorative powers…she wrote the book on balance me thinks 🙂 Those sunset pics I saw on FB were just…well…you know the word 😉

        Bangalore is much dog-friendlier than Bombay, but still tough to find a good, reliable kennel where I can board a dog while I’m away :/ But…the hunt is on 😛

        • We’ve really enjoyed some nice sunsets lately. And some nice sunrises, though I’ve only seen those in others’ photos!
          Be forewarned on the kenneling: it is still very tough to leave your pup at a kennel, even if it’s a nice one. Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it, but be prepared for tears as you imagine all kinds of impossible thoughts and feelings your dog is aiming at you!

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