It rained yesterday. Not very long, but heavily. Piles of sand and detritus litter the erosion-prone parts of the hillside out back. More of the roadside washed away, but I don’t think the county intends to beef up the pavement on that stretch of road.

A Walk in the Park-pano

Before the storms rolled through the air hung thick with humidity and the continuous groan of distant thunder. After, they felt much the same, only hotter with the addition of afternoon sun. How did we ever live in Miami? I wondered. Where every day in the summer was at least ten degrees warmer, but with the same humidity and sunshowers. But then, how do I live here now, with our relatively cool summers and everlasting winters?

By the time evening arrived, some of the air’s moisture had soaked into the ground, and the temperature dropped back into my (current) comfort level. Even as we strolled sedately around the park under vivid skies, I lamented not having my camera perched over the lake.

Are we humans ever satisfied? Sometimes I think not, but I’m working on it, this recognizing when I have enough πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Satisfactory

    • There’s some real truth here! That recognition sometimes helps me not whine so much on the inside at least. (I’m generally pretty good at keeping my nonsensical whining to myself. Generally.)

  1. It’s hard to know when to be happy with what you have when there is such a feast of opportunity in front of you isn’t it. That’s a big problem for me, I always want to be somewhere I’m not, doing something I can’t…you know? Pretty skies up there! We have had such a cool wet summer, I’m OK with a few days, or a lot of days, of humid August like weather.

    • I am well aware of how fortunate I am to be able to live the life I have in the place I do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally suffer from “the grass is greener…” syndrome πŸ˜‰
      We’ve had a few spectacular sunsets lately. Probably sunrises, too, but we all know I sleep through those. You guys downstate have been getting hammered with bad weather lately. I bet hot, humid August sounds good. Without the storms!

  2. Being not satisfied is the thing that drives our evolution and gives us more to be satisfied about. So I suppose we must learn to be contented with our occasional drive for more (and to spread it around). And then, like me, you can learn to be smug. I give lessons you know.

    Although, I suppose, we can always strive to gain more from what we have and appreciate it more. In our hands instead of happenstance. Best of luck though with all endeavours and be sure not to fall out of your kayak . πŸ˜€ tee hee

    • I really appreciate both parts of this comment. I think it’s probably important not to become to happy or complacent with our intellectual and emotional progress. But we (am I using the Royal We here? πŸ˜‰ ) could probably stand to do better at recognizing that we have enough material things and enjoy what we have.
      Ironically, a personal trainer/gym owner just messaged me about co-leading a kayak trip. Will keep your tips in mind πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Edith! Would have loved a different location, but I suppose the conventional wisdom about “the camera you have on you is the best one” goes also for locations. πŸ™‚

  3. I wonder if *enough* is simply what we have? Our minds will never have enough, the sages say. But reality can make a lie of our restless wanting, if we take the time to slow down and see what’s already here. Stepping off soapbox now. lol.

    • As I mentioned to Graham, I think “enough” should really be considered in two (at least) separate domains. I think striving to improve our mental state is always admirable. But if we “slow down and see what’s already here,” we are likely to realize that we already have enough “things.” That doesn’t stop us from coveting other things, but it sure makes it easier!

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