Between storms yesterday afternoon, we took Petey on a couple of small adventures to nearby natural sites. We stopped first at the Seven Bridges Natural Area. It’s been over a month since I visited, and I am always surprised at the differences. Mounds of goldenrod, asters, and ragweed – of course – surround the entrance. My last visit (which I somehow missed blogging about), the area was heaped in marsh marigolds. And whereas the pasture out back was verdant and dew-coated, yesterday it was crackly and brown. Different, but still lovely.

After meandering in the meadows and splashing in the river, we hopped down the road a few miles to Rugg Pond. It’s one of my favorite places around here in the fall. Friendly trumpeter swans always float gracefully nearby (there, but not pictured), and the hardwoods surrounding the water blush all shades of beautiful. If you look closely in the photos below, you can see the tips of the oaks doing just that.

We hiked along the pond’s edge and back into the woods under skies that couldn’t decide whether they’d rather be bright and cheery or dark and stormy. Petey sniffed everything at least twice, and especially enjoyed places where other mammals had obviously been at work.

I especially enjoyed the nascent fall fungi. Or maybe they’re still late summer fungi. Can you spot the edible (fruity, chewy) chanterelles? Can you identify my favored composition for mushroom photos? šŸ˜‰

Do the maroon oak leaves and red/orange/yellow fungus signal fall’s arrival, or just the end of summer? Regardless, there’s no denying fall is on its way. We will not discuss what comes after that.
Fall Transitions

19 thoughts on “Transitions

    • You don’t have to fully acknowledge it – I wouldn’t do that to you šŸ˜‰ But – are the trees in your area beginning to blush? Even a little? We have a few that are full-on orange and yellow! Too soon!

  1. Transition – change – is the constant, isn’t it? Fall is fine and I’m ready for that. I am not ready for that which is not to be discussed.

    • After last winter when we got about a foot of snow in October, and then were completely buried from November through May, I’m not quite ready for fall yet. And I certainly am not looking forward yet to the Season That Shall Not Be Named šŸ˜‰

  2. These photos are so beautiful, Heather. It is in the high 70’s here in southern MI and I miss the coolness of the north – and the trees haven’t started to turn yet. It was hard leaving the color of northern Ontario.

    • Thank you, Pat. Not all of our trees are going – it’s still definitely late summer. But some of them are making the switch. I’m not ready for the season to end, but then it’s never been up to me anyway so I’ll take what we get šŸ™‚

  3. Beautifully worded.

    Autumn seems to have started a little early here too, and other places. Preparation would be a good idea. Turn up your personal saturation and defy the white witch. If Hobbits can have a second breakfast, then why not a second Christmas or even a pre-Christmas as well.

    Go mad. I’ll help with encouragement, you pay the fines. Seems fair. šŸ˜€

  4. Back home after a whirlwind surprise visit to Mom in Goa for the Ganesh festival! Now transitioning back to routine šŸ˜ Why does Life always feel like a transition?! A constant state of flux? Is it just me or is change truly the only constant? Sorry for all the rhetoric šŸ˜› I’ve just got up and an not looking forward to the hectic week ahead šŸ˜‰

    Which is why I particularly loved the quiet beauty of this lot of pictures and Petey is always a welcome sight šŸ˜˜ and I did notice your favoured composition for the shrooms šŸ˜‰ I love those little yellow neon ones…are they edible too? I’m guessing not! I’m so glad you had a happy outdoorsy weekend! And fall is my favourite time of year, probably coz we don’t gave it here…are the storms a harbinger of ‘the season that shall not be named’?

    • Reminds me of an old song (I believe…or maybe it’s just an old quote that I have no idea the source!) – The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is true for so many things, and we humans just really do not want it to be. We try our best to keep everything in neat, tidy boxes, and stuff just keeps floating around wherever the winds of change takes it.
      I saw on FB that you had gone to Goa. Bet your mom loved having you šŸ™‚ Did you have a nice trip? Was it the perfect length? I hope so.
      The little yellow shrooms are not edible. Only the chanterelles, which are the orange-y ones, with the gill-like structures running up the edges. And yes, the storms are a harbinger of seasonal change. We get far more autumn storms (usually gales) than summer ones.

  5. Heather, there is a part of me that is always ready for fall because of its incredible beauty. There is another part that longs for summer to last forever. Reading the comment up above, I think life is always in a constant state of flux and that change is always happening. But–oh no–I am going to get all spiritual–it’s awareness (or whatever word folks want to use) which is always steady, never-changing, always allowing whatever appears. Wish you were around to identify fall fungus/mushrooms.

    • There’s a part of me always ready for fall, too. And usually a part that is always ready for winter. That part is missing this year. Perhaps it will rejoin me when the time is right šŸ˜‰
      I’m not sure I follow you re: awareness. Please, do get spiritual. I like the discussion!
      As for fall mushrooms, I only know a few. And mostly, I know them because they’re edibles that I’ve taken the time to look up!

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