Between Storms

At some point this afternoon, I checked the radar. Not for any reason; just out of curiosity. What I saw prompted me to send a warning message to a friend. A nasty line of storms had arrived on our doorsteps without so much as a peep. We didn’t have any storm warnings, so I did what any reasonable person would do you’d expect me to do.

Black and white storm scenes

The rain began to pitter-patter as I arrived at the hilltop. I stayed just long enough to capture a few shots of the wicked clouds, and then headed back home. The torrential rains weren’t at the house yet, but having driven through them moments prior, I knew they were on the way.

Thankfully, the storms weren’t severe. At least not around here. Up near the Mackinac Bridge, things looked dicey (on radar). The sun didn’t come back out to play, but patches of clear blue dotted the overcast sky for the remainder of the afternoon. Today was a Petey-puppy “camp” day, so I took my camera with me when I went to pick him up this evening. As another system of storms approached, one long tendril stretched, leaving a patch of threatening clouds in its wake.

The next round of storms has arrived. I can’t decide whether I should have been out to chase the lightning, or been glad I didn’t soak my camera.


15 thoughts on “Between Storms

  1. Weather prediction here is becoming less reliable. I’ve missed a couple of opportunities to go further afield because the forecast has been poor but turned out better, and vice-verse. Motto: Take care of your hat and your hat will take of you.

    I’ll swap another picture bench for pictures of Petey at puppy camp. 😀 yay

    • We simply laugh at the weather prediction here. We’ve been told the Great Lakes make it nearly impossible to get the forecast right, and that tidbit at least seems right. What we’re not laughing about is our upcoming predicted highs: ~50F (10C). Brrr and too soon! I’ll work on that Petey pic for ya!

      • Keep warm.

        We’ve had a tall ships regatta here. So I’ve been back to Greenwich and photographed more benches. It isn’t over yet so it will be a little while before I get time to post. A few days. More benches than you can throw a stick at. Ha 😀

  2. I think we’re going to get some of that weather this afternoon. I won’t be out in it though we did swim in the rain last weekend in AL…no lightening at the time.

    • We got some tough weather, giving you guys downstate a break, but then I saw the weather was right back to tormenting you. Hopefully Mother Nature will calm down a bit for fall!

  3. What beautiful photographs, Heather. I usually am not a fan of B&W but these are wonderful. I’m glad you did what I would expect you to do instead of what a sane person would do. 🙂

    • Sometimes I get overly foolhardy. I was safe this time, not venturing out in the storm – hence no lightning shots. Just a few raindrops, which I feel is safe enough 🙂

    • Only if I feel like the storm is a “safe” one. I’d never chase a tornado! However, when Tony and I lived in Miami, we once stayed out on South Beach as the remnants of a hurricane blew in…

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