Glacial Hills Hiking

Thursday after work Tony and I talked about taking Petey hiking over at the Glacial Hills trails near Bellaire. However, we are simply unused to the earlier sunset, and by the time we had finished dinner, it was too late. Thus, we planned to go right after work yesterday. The sun didn’t make an appearance the whole day, but a hike through golden woods was just what we all needed. And we made it back to the car just as the sun (presumably) went down.

iPhone shots from our outing

18 thoughts on “Glacial Hills Hiking

  1. Oh my gosh! If I tried your leg up balancing act, someone would have had to pick up the pieces, even at your age. Great autumn color pictures and Petey is a handsome dude, as usual.

    • I was being silly, sort of one-upping a great friend. She visited last year, and sat on this exact random chair in the woods in a “thinker” pose. I sent her my version for fun 🙂
      I always think Petey looks goofy or happy. We hear from others all the time how beautiful he is. I’m just glad he’s healthy and happy 🙂

  2. Oh yea…I’d have fallen off that chair for sure. My first thought was…what…you hike through the woods carrying a chair? Or was it just out there? Katie and I went to the park this afternoon. Wasn’t as colorful as your woods…but we had fun. Katie says hi to Petey.

    • It was a tough balancing act for sure! That chair was wobbly and tilted! And no – I didn’t hike into the woods with it 😉
      So many of the leaves are gone already, but the ones that are still there are nice shades of ochre and gold. I’ll take it – what else can I do? 😉
      Petey sends a big ole Petey grin to Katie!

    • Thanks Kathy. This hilly woods is very pretty, even though it’s “lacking” any really scenic overlooks. We get so spoiled, having lots of stuff to look out upon. But we always enjoy the peace here.

    • They really are fantastic little cameras! Much better than some older (well, not VERY old) dedicated point-and-shoots I’ve had. And sometimes you just do not want to carry a “real” camera and perhaps tripod!

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