Walking the Weekend Away

I didn’t get the memo about Walktober, but a few of the bloggers whose words I enjoy reading did. I’m not sure I count as a participant, since I work over 1,000 miles from my employer, and I don’t think they do this “event,” but I’m playing anyway – we spent practically the entire weekend out walking.

We had originally planned to go kayaking with a friend on Saturday, but he has a shoulder injury and we had high enough winds to cause trouble in that regard, so we hiked at Pyramid Point instead.

The trail is really gorgeous right now – all the aspens are glowing with golden leaves. The overlook is always impressive, though this shot is from September. This trip you could see red in the trees, but I didn’t take a picture for some reason.

The hike down to the bowls – big windswept areas of sand dunes – was even lovelier than a month ago, thanks to the fall splendor. Plus, we had another gorgeous sunny day, so we were all happy simply being outside.

Sebastian and I got caught up with our cameras once the trail returned to the woods, playing around with photos of interesting trees. He got a really cool shot looking up through some aspens. I got this shot that reminds me of…something. I’ll let you guess. (Vertical image is the one I’m talking about.)

Sebastian left us after the hike to go do Sebastian things, but Tony and I kept traveling around the area, looking for small hikes and photo ops. We found enough of each, which made us happy 🙂
me and B

Sunday we met up with the Cliftons, who led the way to another well-known view up here – the High Rollaways in Buckley.
Buckley Rollaway-4
I’ve wanted to stop by here for over a year, but just never got around to it. Most of the trees have tossed their leaves away, and the sunlight was scorched-Earth bright, so not the greatest photos.

But the hike along the North Country Trail could hardly have been more seasonal and pleasant. The pungent odor of mouldering leaves perfumed the air, and their constant crackling answered every footstep.

I’m so glad we spent so much time among nature this weekend. Today we squeezed Petey’s walks in between some nasty rains, and the rest of the week looks ugly, too. I suppose there’s always a a good book when the weather doesn’t cooperate. What do you do as October turns November-y?

29 thoughts on “Walking the Weekend Away

    • Haha! So there *is* an official Walktober 😉 I just saw you and a couple others mention it, and I thought, “Hey, I walked a bunch in October!” Glad you – and the whole herd – joined in. October sure is lovely to walk in 🙂

  1. We are having a bit of an Indian Summer (20 C). About two days worth. During the last few years the seasons have become unreliable (never were much) but it’s getting worse. I quite like it “when everybody else are losing there heads/hats/scarves etc ~ ” . I like a bit of chaos, as long as nobody gets hurt, it makes life more interesting. Especially here. British people make such a meal of it. I think it’s part of the fun. We don’t complain much so complaining about the weather is a bit of an outlet. 🙂

    • People in northern Michigan talk about the weather a lot – it changes from our expectations quite a bit thanks to the Great Lakes – but there’s not a whole lot of complaining. We all seem to understand that if you live this far north and right next to a gorgeous lake, you’re going to get snowed on. It’s worth it. Plus, it’s fun 🙂 We do, however, have a good laugh at folks who live in other states complaining about dangerous snowfalls of a cm or two, since we regularly drive in 15 – 20 cm.
      Wishing we were as warm as you. We’re warmer today than we have been (12 F), but we’ve got snow coming on Friday. Guess this year Halloween’s all tricks!

  2. That picture of you & Tony kissing is just so sweet. I think you guys are adorable. Is there really an official “Walktober” that lots of people do? I thought it was just Robin who made it up on her blog. 🙂

    • I just met Robin – because of this Walktober thing 🙂 But I had read in several blogs about it, so I searched it to see if there was something I was missing. Not only does Robin do it, but apparently several companies do too, to encourage healthy behaviors – probably for health insurance premium reductions.
      D’aawww – thanks for calling us cute 😀 I’m just glad we have a decent picture together!

  3. Hmm. That vertical picture does grab the imagination, doesn’t it? You had a couple of great walks there – October certainly is a perfect month for that.

  4. I’m not going to tell you that I am spending my Oct. into Nov. getting my exercise in a very warm pool. But I did finish a really good read. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Your photos are beautiful and I can hear the leaves under foot. Fall is a feast for the senses.

    • A warm pool might be called for soon, now that you mention it! There’s a fun water park at Boyne Mountain that Tony isn’t overly fond of on account of the crowds. But it might be calling my name soon 🙂
      I’m looking for a book, but I don’t know what genre. Taking recommendations!
      And yes, fall is a feast for the senses. Late fall is a feast for our tummies 😉

  5. I am so glad you joined the Walktober event, Heather! Your images are stunning, and you captured such beautiful fall foliage. This was a treat for the eyes (and the soul). 🙂

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    • Frank, I think if I titled my life’s story, the word “hike” would be in there somewhere 😉
      I see you’re in Loveland? I was just there a couple weeks ago. My sister lives near there, and my mom and I had lunch at a little cafe downtown. Such a quaint little place!
      Thanks for joining me on my walk/hike!

  7. I’m glad you decided to play along even though you didn’t know the whole “official” story. Your walk post is amazing and the photos are fantastic. I enjoyed both. What a great walk!

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