Autumn Is Over

Last winter didn’t end until May. That’s right – the fifth month of the year. Summer wasn’t warm, and felt more compressed than normal, and fall was beginning to feel that way. Or I worried that it might.

Last weekend, on the Old Mission Peninsula

But really, we had a spectacular fall. The colors lit up, and decorated the landscapes in vivid autumn hues. We had chilly days, and we had warm days. We found ways to enjoy all of them – even the blustery almost-winter days like yesterday.

Yesterday, at the Point Betsie and Frankfort Lighthouses

Today, it seems, the weather’s clock has officially ticked over to “winter.” While I’m not thrilled with the rigmarole that is getting dressed for a simple outing, I’ll enjoy these coming days as well. I hope you do, too.

Earlier today

15 thoughts on “Autumn Is Over

  1. Autumn is still with us, thankfully. Spring rarely gets to my neck of the woods before May, so I welcome you to the group of us that pray for a spring that comes earlier.

    • Closer to the coast, some of the trees hold their leaves. Not inland, even a little where we are. Just a few oaks and young beeches. I’m happy to have winter until mid-March when ski season ends. Then, bring on the spring! We often have snow in May, but normally the snowpack has melted. This year, we had snowpack in May :-/ I’ll be a vocal member of the group when spring should be arriving 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos. You really know how to capture the beauty of northern Michigan, Heather. Love the Pt. Betsy one as this spot holds lots of fond memories for me – and I have a photo taken just about where you are standing. 🙂

  3. Wow, snow already and great shots of it all.

    When it gets snowy here it is quite good fun to dress up as if in a spacesuit and go for a moonwalk. It gives the sense of being an adventurer. Good luck with it all however you deal with it, and if you see the white witch just shout Christmas, it usually works. 🙂

    • You’ve got that Eliza! I was just telling a southern friend today that I wished October’s weather could magically extend directly to winter…in December. Instead, winter came and greeted us immediately on October’s heels!

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