A Lot Can Change in a Week

Last week winter toyed with us. Snow poured down during the morning, and melted in the afternoon. Maybe it wasn’t settled in, but-ready-or-not, here it comes.

I dread November, not because it brings winter around here, but because the days are so short, and so drab. Last Tuesday, I grabbed my camera with a determination to find something in a rainy November day worth appreciating. I headed to the lake around sunset, aiming for a moody shot of the dark clouds hanging heavily over the western shores. I came away with this instead.

Torch Lake rain drops

One rainy photo, that I ended up loving even though it was rubbing my nose in the whole November rain thing.

Three days later, and winter returned broadcasting “I’m here!” With lake effect snow events, at least there’s a chance of something interesting going on. The snow often blows down off the lake in narrow bands, giving us sun-deprived northerners a chance to make some Vitamin D. And take dramatic pictures.

We’ve had nothing but snow, snow, and more snow since. I officially broke out the winter boots and snow pants for my morning walks with Petey. That stuff’s really piling up!

Sunset last night, and shots of our road this morning when I was out with the Petey Dog.

We were expecting around a foot and a half through this evening, but I think we ended up with about a third of that. Plenty to shovel, but not enough to have merited changing a couple of appointments. :-/

Lake effect snow still falls north of Alden tonight. I took the above raindrop photo about a quarter-mile north of that bench just one week ago. There was no ice then. Sheesh.

And that’s life Up North right now. Cold, snowy, and hopefully on our way to a great ski season.

If this post made you chilly, here are a couple of snuggle pups to warm you back up. These two girls are among Petey’s best buds, and were both rescues too. Second chances, FTW πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “A Lot Can Change in a Week

  1. Finally I’m back…at least to reading πŸ˜› I felt a tiny switch flip this morning…the extrovert emerging slowly but surely just in time for B-day!

    Well, well…Winter certainly means business looks like! And yet he is so austerely handsome and deep no? Without him, the joy of Spring would fade considerably me thinks…but maybe that’s just me and coz at the moment i’m still in the mood for sombre. There’s a chill in our air too…although a very welcome pleasant chill in our case πŸ™‚ My morning walks are invigorating and non-sweaty – the perfect combo πŸ˜›

    Those puppies are truly adorable! We now have my friend’s Maltese Jojo in our lives…and we’ve made friends with a frisky 4-month old Lab pup Rocky πŸ˜€ He loves playing ball! And your pics made me think of Charlie…an adorable 4-yr St. Bernard that I befriended on my walks πŸ™‚ Happy days!!

    Feels so good to be back and read! Not feeling like writing yet though…fingers crossed!

    • So glad to have you back – reading, if not yet writing. Do it when you feel like it, and not a second sooner!
      Yes, winter means business. I can deal with all the snow – I actually quite enjoy it even if my blogs come off a touch whiny. I’m just hoping we don’t have a brutally cold winter again, though I don’t have my hopes up very high. We are about 20F below average temps so far. Guess I’ll be playing with bubbles again!
      Very cool that you’ve found some puppies to spend time with. I love watching the innate connection we humans have with dogs. People smile from afar at the very sight of Petey, and while he’s a cute guy, I think it’s much more that he’s simply a happy dog that resonates with folks.
      In case I miss the actual date: Happiest of birthdays, my friend!

  2. I’m with you on the dread of November. Dark gloomy days……. December can be bad but at least there are the holiday gatherings to look forward to!

    • I was going to chime in regarding Thanksgiving, but our family is 500 miles away, so we don’t see them until Christmas usually. Regardless, I do better mentally with the snow than with rain. The snow is so much more reflective, so the days aren’t as dark when snow-covered as they are when it’s dreary and rainy. Plus, frozen water brushes off, so I can more easily play outside. I know you’re keen to be out doing more; we should aim for some more get-togethers!

  3. What a difference a day makes! Your snow is to continue through Tuesday, isn’t it? Or did it move through more quickly than anticipated? Now you can eat more because your Petey walks will be burning more calories!

  4. I like the rainy one. Somehow wet and chilly makes indoors (and spacesuits) all the more cosy and something to appreciate. Have a good winter. I’ll drop in a little saturation from to time (despite flowery comments πŸ™‚ ) πŸ™‚

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