Appreciating Snow…and Rain

This time of year is difficult for me. I’m an outdoors girl – I think we all know that by now – and it is tough to get in enough nature time. I’m not a morning person, but that matters less and less, since the sun isn’t a morning person right now either. Or an evening person. With a sunrise around 8:00 a.m. and sunset around 5:00 p.m. there just isn’t much day in the day.

So the other day, when the sun peaked out for a bit during the morning hours, I went traipsing about.
snowy path

I stopped just over the hill at the Seven Bridges Natural Area, where I was the first person to walk the snowy trails. There were some old footprints that had been covered in several inches of fresh snow, but that day it was just me and talkative river.
snowy bridge

Nature seems so desolate in November, void of color, but full of detritus. A girl can become downright depressed. In some ways, then, we’ve been blessed by the early heavy snows.
Snowy Rapid River blog
Snowy Bridge Smooth Water-blog

Winter will likely again feel too long this year, but the snow adds a cheerful touch for which I’m thankful.
snowy country barn

It decorates the remains of fall’s bounty, turning mundane sights into special, short-lived vignettes.
santa hats-3
Snowy Red Berries-blog

Yes, I am thankful for the snow, but I am also grateful for the past two days of rain that have melted most of it. It’s dreary as dreary out, but November is awfully early to be contemplating where to stack the snow from the driveway.
red at night

11 thoughts on “Appreciating Snow…and Rain

  1. Quite so. At least snow adds shape, shades and twinkles. Whereas overcast is just dull.

    Good pictures. We don’t often get snow here so I wish for it. I’ll happily swap colour for your pictures of wonderland. Best of both worlds. Wye aye. 😀

    • The snow really helps brighten up otherwise grey days, too. It’s quite reflective, so even if the sun doesn’t make its way through the clouds, the ambient light gets spread around nicely.
      The photo swap sounds like a deal 🙂

  2. We have sun today and I did my little thank you dance (you do not want to see it) when it popped through this morning. Now most of the little bit of snow that fell yesterday is melting, for which another thank you dance might happen. It’s too early, as you said.

    • Oh I don’t know Carol, I think I might want to see that dance 😉 Especially since it worked! The last remains of the snow are clinging, and I think they’re going to last a while. We’re supposed to have over half a foot again by tomorrow afternoon. Will just have to find a way to be grateful for it! (Which might not be hard since it is So.Dark.Right.Now!)

  3. We have had very dark grey skies and some rain since we returned more than 24 hours ago. We were out this morning and I was marveling at the beautiful color of the weeds and brush along the side of the road. We can find beauty in Michigan’s winters – but with the grey skies it is very difficult to get good light unless there is snow. What I found hard when I spent the whole winter here is that there is too much winter, without much change in the landscape. Basically 5 months of nothing happening except some snow and maybe occasional freezing rain. Your shots are ‘knock my socks off’ beautiful, Heather.

    • I think being a photographer really puts you in the mind to find beauty in the least likely places. Sometimes it just doesn’t transfer well though. I’m lucky to have all the coastline up here to explore. Even when the rest of the landscape seems to stay the same, the coast is almost always interesting. But I do get the appeal of the Snowbird thing, even if it’s a relatively short respite.
      Thanks for the compliment, too 😀

  4. Living in Nova Scotia, we have had at this point, snow then rain to take the snow away, then snow again and rain. I am not ready for winter’s snow that might stay, but the rain-snow switch a roo is maddening. I really enjoy your beautiful photos.

    • We already have some big piles beside the driveway, and it’s far too early for that. I don’t want to have to get creative with the snow stacking just yet! You’re right about the rain-snow thing, though. It makes the worst driving conditions.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. How in the world did you end up here? 🙂

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