With a Vengeance

Over the weekend we enjoyed above-freezing temperatures. I took Petey for a his morning walks in between rainfalls, and didn’t even zip my coat. A couple days of liquid precipitation wiped out most of our snow piles, though some of the most recalcitrant ones clung to ditches and shadowy hillsides. Although dark with rain clouds, the weather felt positively spring-like, and we rejoiced.

But then last night just a little after sunset, the snow returned. Heavy, wet flakes jettisoned in hordes from invisible clouds above. All night they careened toward the earth, amassing in lumpy mounds on every available surface.

For a moment this morning, I thought Thanksgiving had come early, and that the trees had volunteered to bring the mashed potatoes. Then I realized it was just more snow, its burdensome heft perched on boughs and branches.

The rain-turned-snow left the roads an icy mess, littered with downed branches. Area schools closed for the day, so the plows arrived later than usual – 12:45pm. We expect a reprieve tonight and tomorrow from winter’s early onslaught, but snow is on the docket again soon. Hey, it’s northern Michigan…isn’t always? 😉

9 thoughts on “With a Vengeance

  1. These wet heavy snows are so beautiful when they first fall, they do create a winter wonderland. And I can stay home when the roads are bad. But after a long snowy winter, those daffodils poking through and the snowdrops blooming sure do look welcome! See, I am talking about spring thaw, and just dumped my hanging baskets from this year, in 60something degrees temps, on Sunday. I don’t suppose this comment has convinced you that I love winter?

    • You can’t be pining for spring already! You’ve only had like two snows 😉 We got up into the mid-forties, and it felt marvelous. Well, if you could discount all the rain. I’m just hoping for good skiing and/or good ice caves. And if all else fails, then good trips south!

    • I have the wardrobe, but perhaps it’s the gas lamp I need to complete my journey into Narnia. Or perhaps that’s what I need to return. Checking the link out shortly.

    • Hmm. Like being a lighthouse keeper, I think that is a job I would only enjoy for a short time. But then, I suspect it is not a job for those with long hair.
      Interesting how much of a deterrent lights were back then. Some studies now suggest reduced crime rates in badly lit areas. Or I think I remember reading that. It could be my faulty brain, in need of a lamplighter to get it going.

  2. It is beautiful, but I am not ready. Ours is gone and there is nothing in the immediate forecast, which makes me happy. I see your pines have short needles – I wish ours were, but the Ponderosa Pines have long needles. Annoying long needles.

    • I am not read either, but I also am. We got our snow tires on at the beginning of the month, so we haven’t worried too much about actual preparedness. I think that like most people, I just like to complain about the weather, whether I mean it or not. Unless it is really and truly cold, not much stops me from enjoying some time outside.
      As for the the pines – those in the yard have short spiky needles. I don’t have to rake them, but they are SHARP! We don’t dare go barefoot. And we have a couple of trees out back with slightly longer needles, but their cones are bountiful and round, and the mower loves to send them flying.

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