Ice Hunting

My friend Lisa invited me out this afternoon with one of her friends, so I brought Petey and we all went ice hunting.

We met up at The Dockside – a boating restaurant perched where Clam Lake flows into Torch Lake.

still Torch Lake

The lake was about as still as I’ve ever seen it, and we found our first hunt success on Torch’s shores.
ice on Torch

But we didn’t linger long – Lisa had a new favorite place to share with us. After a quick stop-off in Bellaire (where she surprised me with a Christmas gift, thoughtful gal that she is), we landed on the eastern edge of Lake Bellaire.

Click to embiggen
icy Lake Bellaire panorama

A clear sheet of ice covered the full expanse of the lake. Well, except where someone broke through at the boat launch.

The very edges of the lake were frozen solid enough to walk on. I didn’t venture out far – it’s unnerving standing atop icy water, and more so when you can see just how deep that water is. So I didn’t go far, but I did venture out.

On my belly…which might sound crazy, but I know a thing or two about the relationship between pressure and area. It’s odd being face to face with ice on the lake, but I was far more likely to stay on the lake rather than ending up in the lake this way.

spoon ice

Petey’s not much better than me. As you can see, I had to call him back from the edge a few times, and he insisted on climbing out on this tree. Not that he saw me do it first or anything. Mmhmm.

Petey didn’t just spend his time testing the ice and climbing trees. He was a real help, too.

After shooting every molecule of ice on Lake Bellaire’s edges, we opted to return to Torch Lake for the sunset.
Torch Lake sunset

The skies promised a show, but the sunset got trapped in the ice. And then, the color faded from the day.
sunset trapped in ice

Happy with our afternoon’s captures, we packed in our gear and headed home. I think we bagged our limit for the day – but no worries, it’s a long ice hunting season 😉

22 thoughts on “Ice Hunting

    • Thanks Dale! Petey has a thing about walking on big, downed trees. I prefer him not to do it over barely-iced water though 😉
      I think you’d have done just fine if you didn’t head out over any deep water. Let’s just say that even if the ice did break this afternoon, I wasn’t going to get *very* wet 😉

  1. Wow – what beautiful ice. I love the look of water with the first thin layer of ice. And the icicles are like nothing I have ever seen. A successful day.

    • We all loved the drippy ice! And I’ve never seen it like that either. I thought it looked like spoons. Or candles made the old way by repeatedly dipping the wick into wax. Lisa’s an ice skater. She keeps hoping for some more cold nights to solidify that ice. Gosh is it unnerving though!

  2. That’s a great sunset on the flat ice, something I’ve never seen before. I’m glad you new how to avoid breaking through.

    Many years ago, during a ramble around Wales, we came across a large, broad and flat field. Winding lazily through its center was a beautiful calm river reflecting the sunlight. We went to take closer look.

    It was only when we got to the edge we realised it was not a river, it was the visible part of a massive lake. The rest, that were standing on, was covered with floating turf supported by a few branches of an underwater growth. Some idiot (definitely not me) started jumping up and down and created waves in the turf. I’d never seen that before. It was quite spectacular but I don’t want to see it again.. We then decided to make a very cautious retreat and discovered the fallen-down warning sign.

    I hope you enjoyed that under the title “Young Idiots at Large”

    Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • That sounds awesome (in the true meaning of the word, not the cultural nothing it means today), and terrifying. We try not to venture into unknown territory too much in the winter. Snow and ice can cover a multitude of sins, by which I mean “places I don’t want to fall into.” That being said, I obviously take some calculated chances.
      Thanks for sharing your story, Graham. Have a wonderful Christmas! And also a wonderful solstice and weekend 🙂

      • I’d forgotten about the solstice. Thanks for the reminder and I am sure that I will enjoy. I had a squirrel up my leg recently, I’m sure that must be lucky.

        Have a Great Holidays and keep the sun in your mind.

  3. Looks like you had a great day out shooting with friends! I am glad it warmed up for you! And I also enjoyed the “Young Idiots” tale.

    • Kathy, thanks so much for stopping by. We’ve both been on a bit of a blogging break, and it’s nice to say “Hi,” even if it is momentary! If you happen to drive through on the way south, do let me know! I’m happy to meet you in one of the G-towns 🙂 I’ll let you know next time we’re all da way up dere 😀

      • Sounds good, Heather! Probably won’t be heading down to the Lower until late spring or early summer. Have so enjoyed our visits–hopefully it will work out again!

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