In Stasis

This winter is turning out to be a tough one for me. As one might expect, we’ve had lots of cold days this year. I generally do all right in low temperatures – I dress in layers and stay active, which keeps me warm. But that only works to a point (at least for me – I know there are far more intrepid souls who brave the sub-zero temps with panache), and it does not work on days when the mercury stays in the single digits (Fahrenheit).

This day it was still -10F at 10:00am. Too cold to play outside.

Our Petey Puppy doesn’t do well in the cold, either. We did get him some boots – which he loves about as much as you’d expect – but we haven’t gotten much use out of them. Just about the time they came in the mail was when my knee finally started pitching a real fit.

Gets sore paws when it’s below about 15F, but thinks it’s swimming weather if it’s 20F or above…

I saw my physician about my knee last year, and he “prescribed” insoles to support my arches. They helped, but didn’t fix the problem. I’ve hardly run in the past year, but had been doing okay walking as long as I watched my footing on the downhill bits. Then, a couple weeks ago, I had to jog Petey a few steps to get us through a salted patch in the road (really bad news for his paws, and he’s too heavy to carry). It took some limping and a bunch of four-letter words, but we made it home.

Unrelated to anything in this post. But aren’t they cool?
black and white icebergs

Thankfully, my doctor is still convinced I can fix this without surgery. I’ve started physical therapy, and my PT’s say I’ll notice an improvement within a couple weeks. So guess who’s been diligently spending time doing her PT homework in the basement? I might be stubborn, but I’m not stupid πŸ˜‰

At least the cold and wind create beautiful things…
ice cave

So the knee has been a big issue, but it’s not the only one. We’re also hesitant to make long-term plans (like being temporary snowbirds), because our house is still on the market. We went a few months with little activity, but have had three showings since we returned from Ohio last month. I think we’re being both optimistic and realistic about it. It’ll sell eventually – hopefully soon-ish!

Not much walking or running is required for these photography forays πŸ™‚
glowing Torch sunset

It’s an odd thing, feeling hamstrung by a house we love, and don’t actually need to get rid of. However, we’re looking forward to the move, and the opportunities that will bring – like more chances to walk around the frozen waters of the bay in a pair of shorts and a light jacket πŸ˜‰ Before you ask – yes, that is what I was wearing. No, I was not warm enough – it’s what I had on after yesterday’s physical therapy, and I was racing a setting sun.

Since I’ve been so quiet on the blog lately, I figure I ought to mention: I do post at least one photo a day on my Snap Happy Gal – Facebook page. It’ll give you an idea of what I’m up to, and give you a bit of eye candy so feel free to follow there. If you don’t FB but still want to see photos, I also share images on Flickr.

35 thoughts on “In Stasis

    • I didn’t intend to save them up πŸ˜‰ I kept thinking each night “I ought to write a blog.” And then I’d read a book or we’d watch a movie instead. The photos don’t really go with the post, but I thought I’d share them on here anyway!

    • Mostly, I think this place just stops me from being so dang restless. I don’t feel well when I doing get out and “do” something. We haven’t even been skiing this year – can you believe that? Hoping to rectify that soon. As for the photos – at least I can still do that without too much stress on my knee. I think I’d have been to the doctor much sooner if I had been prevented from doing that!

    • Thanks Charlie – for the compliment and the concern! The cold has only been horrible on certain days. And I normally don’t let it get to me too badly. I must’ve been feeling a little cabin-fevery the other day. I’m much more my normal, get out and explore anyway self today πŸ˜‰
      As for the knee, I’m very happy with this doctor. He takes my reports seriously, but doesn’t seem too eager to prescribe pills or surgery. I’ll post again in a few weeks to let everyone know how the PT is going. I’ve only been twice, but so far so good!

  1. I’m so glad you aren’t stupid – and I do love a bit of stubbornness. A bad knee is so frustrating, especially when it gets to the point where it keeps us from doing what we enjoy. But you are right, we can still take some great photographs with just a minimal amount of walking. You do need to get it all better so you can go on your spring hikes.

    • I have a high school friend who’s getting her Master’s degree in PT right now. She shared a thing on FB the other day that I really liked. It was a quote about how people don’t mind pain so much as what it prevents them from doing. I’m not been happy with the pain, but was putting up with it okay until I was having trouble doing things I ought to be able to do. I know you understand. I’m so grateful that PT is even an option! I know it won’t always be, and I’d be foolish not to take advantage of my youth while I have it!

  2. I debated clicking on the ‘like’ button. I don’t like that you aren’t feeling well and that you can’t get out and enjoy the winter like you want. Having living in the UP I know the only way to survive the winter is to get out into it and be active. Not to be able to ski, or walk far (I don’t mind the not running part myself…but to each her own) is to make the winter go on forever. BUT I “LIKE” the photos. Especially the ice wreaths in the water. I remember being on a ridge above Lake Superior one winter, and the whole bay below was filled with icy wreaths. It was magical! Thanks for bringing back that memory.

    I hope the knee is getting better with the PT. Unfortunately…or fortunately…there’s still a lot of winter to enjoy.

    • Dawn, thanks so much for your sentiments! I am very hopeful about the PT. According to my physician, my prognosis was excellent, and the therapists seem to agree. I’ve only been twice, but I have been super diligent about doing the exercises they’ve requested I do as homework. I’ve even incorporated more πŸ˜‰ I’m finally to a point where I don’t feel like other forms of exercise are inferior to running. That took a while. But I would like for it to be an option. I’d love to be able to jog a few miles once or twice a week.
      We’ll see how the rest of winter shakes out before we decide it’s fortunate or unfortunate that there’s still several weeks left πŸ˜‰

  3. Heather! I had no idea your knee was acting up! I’m glad you’re following Doctor’s orders and getting the physical therapy. I’m always wary with orthopaedic issues…they have a way of turning into niggling, persistent problems if not treated properly and in time, so please do take care dear!
    Alright…now that the lecture’s done…shall we get back to how the snow and the wind do indeed make beautiful pictures? πŸ˜€ Are Petey’s boots leather? The boy has style πŸ˜‰

    Take care ❀

    • I hate to be the person blathering on about physical ailments that everyone else has, too. I didn’t even blog about it when I broke my ankle a few years back πŸ˜‰ We all have stuff we deal with… But, yes, I’m a good patient. Doing all the exercises “prescribed,” plus adding in some from my time with the therapists. Really hoping for a quick turnaround, but not looking for easy magic either. I’ll let you know how it’s going in a few weeks πŸ˜€
      Petey’s boots are recycled tires. How cool is that? Eats edamame and wears upcycled clothes. He’s an ethical trendsetter, that boy!

  4. Nicely colourful shots. πŸ™‚
    You’ll feel warmer if you change to Centigrade.
    Sorry to hear about your knee. It can help to have somebody watch how you walk, when you don’t know it. Sometimes a foot starts pointing more outward then it should and you could also check your shoes for unevenness of war. The later highlighted the problem for a friend (partly the effect of ware but also what it indicated about gait).

    Good luck though, and I hope you are soon challenging spring chickens. 🐻

    • I always think about how it can’t sound that cold to my friends across the pond unless I deliberately note that we’re in silly old F over here. I think you’re right about switching to C. I’d feel better!
      In addition to some basic strength and mobility tests, I had my gait analyzed. I overpronate on both feet, but more on the right. Hoping these exercises correct some of that. Tony and I took Petey on a 3-mile hike through the snow yesterday and for the first time in ages, I didn’t hurt! I was mindful of my knee positioning, and I’m wearing that kinesiology tape, which is surprisingly effective. Those spring chickens better watch it πŸ˜‰

  5. Just beautiful pictures. Those sunsets are gorgeous! A few years ago, I had knee problems, not as bad as yours, but I realized that it was the fork that was the main problem. So far, the knees are good, but the fork has been working harder than ever. Ha! Maybe come spring I will walk more.

    • Thank you so much Lucinda! We have a lot of grey days, so I really go nuts with the camera when it’s not πŸ˜‰
      Took me a few seconds re: the fork! Haha! I weigh more than I’d like, but that’s mostly an arbitrary number that I’m unhappy with. I’d put the fork down, but I really do enjoy food. Hmm. What to do?
      Have your knee problems let up some? I think the thing that indicates strongest that I’ve made the right decision is that this past week (they’ve got me wearing kinesiology tape – I don’t think the PT is *that* effective yet πŸ˜‰ ) I have noticed an absence of pain. When it stands out that something *doesn’t* hurt, you know you’re on the right track!

  6. Excellent photos per usual – love the rainbow on the horizon as seen through the ice arch. The icebergs are cool (pun intended) And Petey definitely looks handsome in his coat! Take care of that knee (been there- tore miniscus and had to have surgery – still gives me trouble, so put in that ounce of prevention)! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Eliza! I love the ice sculptures, and I was a bigger fan of the B&W icebergs than my followers on FB seemed to be πŸ˜‰ Petey may look handsome, but I assure you he is a complete goober. He’s got everyone fooled πŸ™‚
      I was actually terrified of a torn meniscus. I was having very sharp pains. Thankfully, I had no idea what I was talking about. Sometimes it really is better that way! Sorry your knee still bothers you :-/

  7. I don’t know what it is about this winter but it seems to drag folks down even more than last year’s never ending winter! The many subzero temps this month and so many gray days this year take their toll … The Vitamin D yesterday refueled me for the week! (My pups have the same issue with the salted pathways even more so than the cold temps). Will look you up and connect on Flickr (assuming I have not unknowingly done so already)!

    • For me it’s much more the absurd cold. I’m not sure how cold you guys are this morning, but it’s 8:20 here, and we are still 21 below 0. It’s neither fun nor even safe to be outside. Not that I appreciate the endless grey days, but at least if it’s warm enough, I can still get out. Good luck keeping your pups entertained! Got any favorite indoor activities that help keep their minds occupied? Stay warm my friend!

      • We were up to about -15 by 8:20 πŸ™‚ — the sunshine was misleading!!! I just latched the gate to my home office as my 1 yr old lab was pulling on my arm, trying to crawl on my lap, and bringing me a toy while I tried to work. Last week when we had -4 at lunchtime, I bundled up, threw on their jackets, and did a quick 1 1/2 mile lunch run with them, just to try an squelch all of our restlnessness! Last winter had probably more sub-zero days that started earlier, but for some reason didn’t wear on me as much (I was outdoors for many of them cheering on my high school senior at Nordic ski races! — this winter sort of grateful my younger one decided to switch to robotics for a winter sport activity!) Hang in there — warmer days are ahead!

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  9. I would say take care of that knee girl, but I can see you already are πŸ™‚ Am sure physical therapy will help!
    Photos = awesome!
    I wondered about the house……hoping for more buyers heading your way when this gruelling winter lets up.

    • I meant to update everyone on my knee in the blog I just posted. Perhaps the next one. The short version is: it’s doing MUCH better, and I’ll go for a running evaluation on Friday so I can hopefully ease back into that.
      There’s news on the housing front, too, but we’re holding off going public until we know for sure. Hint: we are relocating even if this house is still on the market. Though we’ve had showings just about every week this year, so things are looking up there, too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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