Taking Advantage

Temperatures were in the 20’s yesterday and today, so we took the chance to get out and explore. Since we have day jobs, we’re a bit limited on our mid-week options, but we are fortunate to have some hiking trails nearby. It snowed heavily on us today, so I left the camera at home, but yesterday the sun joined us (and so did the camera).

Tony and I have been working on Petey’s recall and calming down after major excitement. Happily, he hiked nearly five miles off leash yesterday with just a few minor incidents – both involving birds that he had no hope of catching. (Thankfully, he did not approach the coyote we saw at the end of our first hike. Instead, he walked contentedly behind me back on his leash.) We’re confident he’ll get his prey instinct under some kind of control – he just needs some training and patience. Which is to say we need patience.

Skegemog Petey-3

We’ve worked on behavioral modification in the past with great success. It wasn’t very long ago that we’d have to drag him out onto boardwalks and decking of any kind. It’s been worth the effort. I’m happy that his fears haven’t shrunk his world, and it’s wonderful seeing him not tremble as he steps foot onto these surfaces.

In addition to generally enjoying our outing, you can see that Petey practiced posing.
Skegemog Petey-6

He even practiced when I was simply trying to take pictures of the scenery sans-Petey. Clearly I missed the memo about the need for a Pete in every picture. “A Pete in Every Picture” sounds like a fundraising initiative, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰
Skegemog Petey-7

Before the sun had entirely set, we trekked out onto the frozen expanses of Lake Skegemog. As always, Petey followed the path of a previous hiker. I made my own tracks. Not that I’m a trailblazer – it’s just easier to walk in fresh snow than the uneven footing of an obviously taller first hiker.
Skegemog Petey-8

That’ll be all from me for a few days. Friday is supposed to be in the teens, but otherwise we are expecting several days with single-digit highs. Brrrr!

11 thoughts on “Taking Advantage

  1. You have such wonderful places for walking. I think my big problem is that I’m too lazy to get in the car to get to our places very often. Petey is doing beautifully.

    • Our “neighborhood” has nice unpaved roads that are fairly unpopulated by cars. So they’re pretty safe to walk on, but the road commission occasionally salt/sands them in the winter. I prefer when they just leave it alone, because Petey does much better on unsalted roads. What we’re really lucky about is that people here love to snowshoe. We don’t, but trails that have seen frequent snowshoe-er use are much nicer to hike along than unused trails. This set of trails is just a couple miles from the house, so it doesn’t take great effort on my part πŸ˜‰

    • I’m so happy to hear *that!* I sure hope you get the cat things squared away. And anything else that’s bothering you that you can change. Cause we all know there are lots of troublesome things in this world that are far beyond our control…

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