A Valentine’s Day Blizzard

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Old Man Winter thought he’d hang out with the northeastern part of the US (and parts of the rest of the North American continent…), and frankly we could use a break from his company. We did our grocery shopping early, and planned to watch movies this weekend. I didn’t even check the aisles for bread and milk. I grabbed stuff for curry and soup, which are both perishable (haha! In these temps??), but at least I’m not pretending to be practical.

Our road after the plow had passed
Valentines Blizzard

I am predictably a little annoyed at feeling housebound. We could leave, but the roads are so bad, where would we go? Not to Traverse City; word has it that one of the mainest roads on the way in is impassable. And if it’s not an emergency, why make it one?

Also, it’s too cold to do anything. I’m not sure I have enough layers to keep me warm outdoors today. Not for long, anyway. I know the saying goes “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes,” so I must just need better clothes. Maybe I’ll get those tomorrow when Old Man Winter has spent his rage.

Valentines Blizzard-4

30 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Blizzard

  1. I clicked “like” not to say I like your weather, but I do like your photos. I would be soooo sick of your winter if I were there – February was always cabin fever month for me in normal winters. I’ll try sending some warmer air your way tomorrow.

    • These last two years have been tough! I’d love to go do some skiing, but we don’t even have a high in the 10-day forecast the reaches 20F. Gonna be an expensive year for propane bills 😦
      I appreciate the warm air – thanks!

  2. Brrrrrrr. We were not so cold yesterday, but the wind was brutal, and though we probably got less than an inch of snow. But the wind kept visibility so low that you could barely make out the flashing lights for much of the afternoon and evening. We stayed in and enjoyed family and friends!

    • It was really bad yesterday. The roads are mostly just frozen now, but there were lots of closed roads yesterday. The road by the airport is still closed. Lots of cars were snowed in on US-31 yesterday. At least that’s what the local 911 FB page reported. We stayed in. Except for my couple of minutes out back with the camera.
      Glad you had friends and family to hang out with! Loved the photos of you three 🙂

    • You said it! Though we had one of “those winters” last winter, too. This has been our coldest day in five years – it’s approaching noon and we’re still 15 below. Deeply unpleasant! Stay warm and thanks for pausing to comment 🙂

    • Thank you Lucinda 🙂
      It’s not so much that I want winter to be over – I’d still like to get out for some skiing – I’d just like it to be a little less brutal. This well-below-zero stuff is no fun.

  3. It’s winter weather like this that I think about the Native Americans – however did they survive? I suppose the weakest did not survive. Even with a home to protect you, if you only had a fireplace, you would spend the entire winter within 3 feet of it! I bless the inventor of central heating!

    • I think about the exact same thing! And I think of all the poor creatures who live outside and who are not adapted well to these *really* cold temps. Wondering how the bunny that’s taken up residence under our back steps is holding up.

      • I imagine wildlife are finding it challenging to find enough food to keep their weight up. For example, a chickadee can lose 25% of its body weight in one night. (Good reason to feed them black sunflower oil seeds!) Sadly, winter’s like this cull a lot of animals.

        • We live in the midst of a huge woods. We have 10 acres just on our own, and are surrounded by wooded and pastoral countryside. It’s not just this one rabbit that’s struggling 😦 Besides which, I’m not sure its plight would be improved by hanging out with Petey. (Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that we haven’t seen fresh tracks for a few days?)

  4. My daughter, who now lives in Texas, says you need to get some reindeer skins. We are visiting there and it is a little cool (maybe 70) and very humid. Hang in there, Heather, someday you will be telling some 10 year old (who is 60 years younger than you) about how cold it was way back in 2015 and how the deep the snow was. 🙂

    • I don’t think I can bring myself to get animal skins 😉
      I’d love to be suffering through those slightly cool temperatures with humidity! Keep me in mind as you sip your iced tea!

  5. Wow. I never thought I’d hear you say it is too cold to go out! It’s been a few days since this post….hope the intensity has eased up a bit. Sending warm wishes your way!
    I have been so caught up with cat troubles lately, I’m trying to not go completely nuts. The heart-shaped sun was fun indeed 🙂

    • The intensity did let up a bit. I took Petey for a run today. It was -12C, but that’s as warm as it’s going to get for a while. We have a high of -18F on Thursday. If it were just me, I could brave it. But it’s not worth endangering anyone else just to relieve my cabin fever.
      Cat troubles are the worst. I see that your addition isn’t fitting in nicely. We were having so much trouble with our two cats’ neediness and odd over-dependence on us that we got a dog 😉 Good luck! Sending you a thousand heart-suns to aid you in your feline issues.

      • It’s so comforting to talk to someone who UNDERSTANDS! Coping one day at a time. Need to write a series of blog posts about the craziness of the last couple of months, but even the thought is seriously overwhelming. I can’t seem to write anymore! 😦
        Cabin fever must be rough on you….hoping the cold spell lets up soon, enough for the roads to get better at least.

  6. Wow! I LOVE that first picture SO MUCH! A heart on the landscape…oh, be still my heart. Heather, guess what? Barry convinced me to go take pics tonight and so might just post them. You never know… if not, I’ll just enjoy your pictures. 🙂

    • Wasn’t that heart sun fun? I had noticed the top part of it looked like a heart, so on Valentine’s Day, I decided to paint on the rest of the heart 🙂
      I bet the ice continues to thicken. It’s -21 outside right now, a good deal colder than they thought it would get. Good thinking on area schools for once again keeping the kiddos inside. Petey is sleeping in. I’m hoping it’ll warm up a bit before he has to go out. Hope your woodroom is full!

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